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Side oats grama – Bouteloua curtipendula


A *warm-season, sod-forming grass with 2-3 ft. high arching culms (stems) rising above wiry bluish-green leaves.  Side oats grama prefers full sun, but is moderately tolerant of partial shade. Inflorescences are elongate and may bear over 20 and up to 80  spikes each bearing 3 to 8  spikelets hanging to one side. Spikelets have brilliant extended red-purple anthers. In fall the seeds are tan and resemble oats. This grass is favored by livestock of many kinds, provides excellent feed and cover for songbirds and quail and nesting material for native bees. It is also host to at least five larval skippers. Senesces to many beautiful colors in fall.
*Note: Warm season, or C4, grasses begin to be active in late spring to early summer, flower and set seed in summer to early fall.

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