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Aquilegia Number 47.3 Fall 2023

Featured Stories
Colorado’s Rio Grande Watershed: A Multi-field Inventory by RICHARD HASWEL
Need for Seed: Be Part of the Solution by DENISE C. WILSON

Research and Reports
Colorado Field Botany Course by JACOB WATTS
The 2023 Gunnison Water Wise Pollinator Workshop by ALESHIA RUMMEL

Poetry: The Dove of Evening by ARTHUR CLIFFORD
Conservation Corner: The Conflict Between Rare Plant Conservation and Extractive Industries
Garden Natives: Gumbo Lily (Oenothera cespitosa)  by JIM BORLAND
Book Review: Wildflowers of Colorado’s Western Slope REVIEW BY CATHI SCHRAMM 

News, Events, and Announcements
CoNPS-Sponsored Events
CoNPS Committee Efforts
CoNPS Chapter Events

Can You Identify These San Luis Valley Native Plants?  by CAROL ENGLISH



Aquilegia Number 47.2 Spring 2023

Featured Stories

More Than Just Pretty Places—Native Plant Demonstration Gardens BY ANN GRANT
Looking for Inspiration? Visit Native Plant Gardens on the Western Slope BY MARY MENZ AND JIM PISAROWICZ
Hidden Mesa Native Plant & Pollinator Demonstration Garden BY LENORE MITCHELL
Other Native Plant Demonstration Gardens across Colorado BY SUE KEEFER AND PATTY RHODES

Research and Reports

All Pollinators Are Not Created Equal: Evaluating Pollination Efficiency Using a Colorado Montane Pollination System BY BRENDAN CONNOLLY
The Reproductive Ecology of Astragalus microcymbus BY BRONWYN TAYLOR, HANNAH CARROLL, AND ROBIN BINGHAM
A Native Plant Garden at Montessori Peaks Academy BY STEVEN SPLITEK
Colorado Science and Engineering Fair Report BY ANN GRANT


Botany Basics: How to Write a Flora BY JENNIFER ACKERFIELD
In Memorium: Bob Trout BY ANN GRANT
Garden Natives: The Taming of a Wildflower BY JIM BORLAND
Plant Profile: Dandelions: An Appreciation of the “Tooth of the Lion” BY DICK AND LORAINE YEATTS
And Now for Some Good News: River Bluffs Open Space Restoration BY AMY GILBOY
Tips from the Pros: Strategies for Sourcing Native Plants BY ALEX SMITH

News, Events, and Announcements

CoNPS-Sponsored Events
CoNPS Committee Updates
CoNPS Chapter Updates
CoNPS Field Trips
Cross-Pollination Events
Can You Identify These Garden-Friendly Native Plants? BY ANNA WILSON


Aquilegia Number 47.1 Winter 2023

Featured Stories
Building a Reference Collection of Every Plant Species in Colorado: It Takes a Village (of Passionate Botanists!) BY CHRISTINA ALBA 

Green Roofs: An Urban Resource for Pollinators BY KYLERUSZKOWSKI AND JENNIFER BOUSSELET

Research and Reports
North American Botanic Garden Strategy for Alpine Plant Conservation— An Update BY JEN TOEWS AND EMILY GRIFFOUL
Ongoing Monitoring for the Endangered Pagosa Skyrocket BY SAVANNA SMITH 

Garden Natives: Provenance and Trees BY JIM BORLAND
Plant Profile: The Mighty Ponderosa Pine Tree and Its Amazing Ecosystem BY CAROL ENGLISH
Restoration Roundup: Wildlands Restoration Volunteers Collect Cones for Forest Recovery BY CAMERON TAYLOR
Member Profile: Jill Handwerk, A Giant of Rare Plant     Conservation BY JESSICA SMITH AND DAVID ANDERSON 

News, Events, and Announcements

CoNPS-Sponsored Events & Updates
Cross-Pollination Events
Can You Identify These Cones?

Aquilegia Number 46.4 Fall 2022

Featured Stories
19TH Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium Recap BY JESSICA SMITH AND CNHP BOTANISTS
Recap of the 46TH CoNPS Annual Conference
Presentation Reports
Field Trip Reports
Front Range Grasslands as Part of Nature-Based Solutions to Climate Change BY TIM SEASTEDT

Poetry: June to December BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD
Botany Basics: Making Sense of Name Changes BY JENNIFER ACKERFIELD
Conservation Corner: Rare Plants Still Under Threat BY BRAD KLAFEHN
Garden Natives: Rhus Revealed by Sleuth to Contain Ruse BY JIM BORLAND
In Memorium: Sue Martin: A Founding Member of CoNPS BY DENISE CULVER

News, Events, and Announcements
CoNPS Society-Wide News and Events
Chapter Updates
Chapter Events
Neighboring Events and News
Cross-Pollination Events
Photo Contest Results

Aquilegia Number 46.3 Summer 2022

2022 Annual CoNPS Conference
19TH Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: “Globally Imperiled Plants Found in Northeastern Colorado”
46TH Annual CoNPS Conference: “From Peaks to Prairie: Exploring Diversity and Disturbance in Front Range Ecosystems”

Speakers and Presentations
Field Trips
Conference Agenda
Silent Auction and Photo Contest Entries
Longmont Maps and Information

Featured Story
Colorado Native Plants for Phytoremediation: Improving Heavy Metal Contaminated Soil with Native Plants BY ERIC FUSELIER

Conservation Corner: Trends in Alpine Ecology: The Role of Microclimates in Determining Alpine Plant Response to Climate Change
Garden Natives: The Unseen Garden: Night-Blooming Natives BY JIM BORLAND
Plant Profile: The Amazing Yucca and Its Amazing Pollinators BY CAROL ENGLISH
Member Profile: The Sunia Memorial Botanical Illustration Fund Brings People and Plants

News, Events, and Announcements
Society-Wide Events
Chapter Events and Updates
Cross-Pollination Events
Can You Identify These Alpine Plants?

Aquilegia Number 46.2 Spring 2022

Featured Stories
Frank Tweedy’s Colorado “Novelties” Mark the End of an Era BY HOLLIS MARRIOTT
A Floristic Inventory of McInnis Canyon National Conservation Area BY STEPHEN STERN
Jack Carter’s Enduring Legacy to CoNPS BY JENNIFER BOUSSELOT

Research and Reports
Hopping Around: Mutualism between Ants and the Hops Azure Butterfly
Effects of Fire Severity on the Floral Visitor Community, Pollination, and Reproduction of a Dominant

Botany Basics: General Classification of Plants BY MAGGIE GADDIS
Conservation Corner: Discovering iNaturalist BY MO EWING
Plant Profile: The Underground Life of the Sand Lily (Leucocrinum montanum) BY JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: The United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration BY SUE DINGWEL
Poetry: The Dove of Evening BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD

News, Events, and Announcements
New Membership and Communications Coordinator: Anne Beard
Society-Wide Events
Chapter Events and Updates
Cross-Pollination Events
Member Profile: Linda Smith BY MO EWING
Can You Identify These Spring-Blooming Bushes?

Aquilegia Number 46.1 Winter 2022

Greetings from Our New Executive Director, Maggie Gaddis!

Featured Stories
Report on the 18TH Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: “Globally Imperiled Plants Found in Southeastern Colorado” BY JESSICA SMITH
Report on the 45TH Annual CoNPS Conference: “Short Grass Prairie & a Long Look Back”
Conference Presentations
Field Trips
Colorado Native Plants for Phytoremediation: Improving Air Quality with Plants
in Urban and Suburban Landscapes BY ERIC FUSELIER

Botany Basics: The Winter Biology of Plants BY MAGGIE GADDIS
Conservation Corner: Fens in Colorado—Their Vulnerabilities and the Threats They Face BY GAY AUSTIN
Garden Natives: Melampodium leucanthum, Blackfoot Daisy BY JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: Colorado Ecosystems as Models for Restoring
News, Events, and Announcements

Society-Wide Events
The Redesigned CoNPS Website
Chapter Events and Updates

Cross-Pollination Events
Legislative Updates
More Photo Contest Results

Aquilegia Number 45.3 Summer 2021 (Revised)

2021 Annual CoNPS Conference
18TH Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: “Globally Imperiled Plants Found in Southeastern Colorado”
45TH Annual CoNPS Conference: “The Short Grass Prairie and a Long Look Back”
Speakers and Presentations
Field Trips
Conference Agenda
Silent Auction and Photo Contest Entries
Trinidad Maps and Information

Featured Stories
Grassland Ecology and Species Identification BY MAGGIE GADDIS
Colorado Native Plants for Phytoremediation: Improving Stormwater Quality with Plants in Urban and Suburban Landscapes BY ERIC FUSELIER

Research and Reports
Can Shrubs Act as Stepping-Stones for Subalpine Vegetation to Move Uphill? BY LAUREL BRIGHAM
A New-for-Colorado Bryophyte Species BY STACEY ANDERSON

Garden Natives: Candelabra Cactus (Cylindropuntia imbricata) BY JIM BORLAND
Tips from the Pros: Can a Human Transplant Avoid: Being a Weed on the Land? BY DENNIS SWIFTDEER PAIGE
Book Review: Spring Wildflowers of Utah’s Red Rock Desert by Peter Lesica and Walter Fertig REVIEWED BY HOLLIS MARRIOTT
Poetry: Morning Glory BY JANET FICHTER
Member Profile: Alice Eastwood Scholarship Awardees
Can You ID These Prairie Flowers? BY MARLENE BORNEMAN

Aquilegia Number 45.2 Spring 2021

Featured Story
Yes, Virginia, Manzanitas Do Grow Wild in Colorado! The Cultivation of Arctostaphylos in Colorado BY PANAYOTI KELAIDIS

Research and Reports
Epipactis gigantea Population Stable, but Numbers and Growth Tied to Precipitation Patterns BY DENISE C. WILSON AND REA ORTHNER

Botany Basics: “Hair” and Its Role in Plants BY MARY MENZ
Conservation Corner: Will Colorado Protect Rare Plants from Oil and Gas? BY BRAD KLAFEHN
Garden Natives: The Woody Artemisias: The Species and Their Propagation: Part 3 of a Series BY JIM BORLAND
Tips from the Pros: Think before You Buy Soil BY MAGGIE GADDIS
Poetry: Leucocrinum montanum BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD
Book Review: Herbarium: The Quest to Preserve & Classify the World’s Plants, by Barbara M. Thiers REVIEWED BY SUZANNE DINGWELL
Meet the New Aquilegia Team
Blast from the Past: Growing a Colorado Native Shrub, Kinnikinnick or Bearberry (Arctostaphylos uva-ursi) BY GAIL EVANS
Can You ID These Spring Flowers? BY MARLENE BORNEMAN

Aquilegia Number 45.1 Winter 2021

Featured Story
Those Pesky Weeds: A Short History of the Medicinal, the Noxious, and the Edible Non-native Plants BY MARY MENZ

Research and Reports
Establishing Native Plants in an Orchard to Enhance Ecological Systems BY EMILY LOCKARD

Conservation Corner: Through the Loupe to the Landscape: Biodiversity from an Ecological Perspective BY SIENNA WESSEL
Garden Natives: The Woody Artemisias: Leaf Morphology and Physiology Part 2 of a Series BY JIM BORLAND
Pollinator Power: Not All Bees Are Created Equal: Honeybee Apiaries on Public Lands and Consequences for Native Plants BY ELLIE STEVENSON
Poetry: Love of Life BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD
In Memoriam: Gayle Weinstein BY JIM BORLAND AND RICK BRUNE
In Memoriam: Jim Fuchs
Can You ID these Seedheads? BY MARLENE BORNEMAN

Aquilegia Number 44.4 Fall 2020

Featured Stories
2020 Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: Progress on Conservation Efforts BY JILL HANDWERK AND THE CNHP BOTANY VEGETATION ECOLOGY TEAM
2020 CoNPS Annual Conference: Here’s What You Missed: Conference Presentations, Photo Contest
Celebrating the Bicentennial of Stephen H. Long’s Expedition. Part 4 of 4: Noteworthy Species from the Arkansas River Valley to the Colorado–New Mexico Border BY MIKE KINTGEN AND JEN TOEWS
Front and Center: A Suburban Yard Makeover BY JENNIFER BOUSSELOT

Conservation Corner: Ecological Services of Weeds BY JOHN C.VICKERY
Garden Natives: The Woody Artemisias: An Introduction to the Species BY JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: Transforming an Existing Growing Space into an Ethnobotany Garden BY MARY MENZ

Research and Reports
Lichens and Spruce Beetle Disturbance: Maybe It isn’t so Bad After All BY ANNA FREUNDLICH AND EMILY HOLT

Aquilegia Number 44.3 Summer 2020

2020 44TH Annual CoNPS Conference
17TH Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: “Globally Imperiled Plants Found on the Front Range and Central Rockies”
44TH Annual CoNPS Conference: “Peaks to Prairies—Plants in the Land of Extremes”

Featured Stories
Celebrating the Bicentennial of Stephen H. Long’s Expedition. Part 3 of 4: The Ascent of Pikes Peak and Noteworthy Species Found BY MIKE KINTGEN AND JEN TOEWS
Diné Bih Naniseh Bah Haneeh: Navajo Ethnobotanical Teachings BY ARNOLD CLIFFORD

Basic Botany: All Life Depends on Plants BY DERYN DAVIDSON
Conservation Corner: Reintroduction of Wolves to Colorado: Could This Affect Our Native Plant Communities? BY JOHN EMERICK
Poetry: Basal Rosettes BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD
Garden Natives: Aspen for the Landscape BY JIM BORLAND
Tips from the Pros: Still Seeing Mulch Years Later? Plant More BY BENJAMIN VOGT


Featured Stories
Celebrating the Bicentennial of Stephen H. Long’s Expedition. Part 2 of 4: Noteworthy Species Found
Along Colorado’s Front Range BY MIKE KINTGEN AND JEN TOEWS
From Desert Dust to Mountain Snow to Desert Plants: Observations on the
Complexity of Native Plants BY MICHAEL REMKE
Cultivating Connections Through Nature Journaling BY HEIDI SKIBA
Nature Journaling Resources BY MARY MENZ

Conservation Corner: Urban Prairies Project: Habitat Restoration and
Community Health BY AMY YARGER
Garden Natives: The Rockbound Rose: Cliffrose (Purshia stansburiana) BY JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: Boulder’s Goose Creek Channel Improvement Project BY KARISSA COURTNEY


Research and Reports
Limber Pine Abundance and Ecological Role in Four Treeline Communities in
Alpine Plant Recovery from Heavy Trampling on a Colorado Fourteener BY BY RACHEL KREBMedia Reviews
Nature’s Best Hope: A New Approach to Conservation That Starts in Your Yard

New Publications in the CoNPS Bookstore
News, Events, and Announcements
Committee Reports
CoNPS Webinars
In Memoriam: Jack L. Carter
In Memoriam: William A. Weber
Can You Match Flowers and Fruits? BY JIM PISAROWICZ

Aquilegia 2020 Winter Volume 44.1

Featured Stories
Celebrating the Bicentennial of Stephen H. Long’s Expedition. Part 1 of 4: An Introduction to the Voyage
and Noteworthy Species from the Colorado Border to the Rockies BY MIKE KINTGEN AND JEN TOEWS
Changes in the Colorado Alpine: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly BY TIM SEASTEDT

Conservation Corner: Front Range Physocarpus and the Eastern Woodland-Prairie Element BY AUDREY SPENCER
Garden Natives: A Coreopsis Lookalike—Greenthread (Thelesperma filifolium) BY JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: From High Desert Scrub to Colorado Native Plant Garden BY JUDY KENNEDY
Poetry: Earthly Bride BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD

Research and Reports
Prelude to a Spritz: Characterization of a Riparian Cottonwood Forest Prior to Flooding by the Chatfield Storage Reallocation Project BY ASHLEY PURCELL AND ERIN K. BISSELL
Documenting the Insect and Microbial Communities that Utilize Gambel Oak (Quercus gambelii Nutt.) to Inform Conservation Management BY RACHAEL SITZ AND MELISSA SCHREINER

Media Reviews
The Cactus Plot Murder in the High Desert by Vicky Rannkka REVIEW BY SHIRLEY NILSON
Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out? by Bill McKibben REVIEW BY JACK CARTER

News and Announcements
Ackerfield Named Head Curator of DBG Natural History Collections
Chapter Events
CoNPS Workshops
Cross-Pollination Events
Can You ID these Seedheads? BY KELLY AMBLER

Featured Stories
2019 Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: Botanists Share Tales of Summer Field Work BY LISA TASKER
2019 CoNPS Annual Conference: Here’s What You Missed
Conference Presentations
Lifetime Achievement Award
Field Trips
Photo Contest
A Taste of Place: Colorado Breweries Celebrating Colorado Native Plants BY JEN TOEWS

Conservation Corner: Colorado Takes the Lead in Protecting Alpine Plants in
Garden Natives: The Obscure and Ignoble Two-Grooved Milkvetch BY JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: Northern Chapter Completes Fall Planting at
River’s Edge Natural Area in Loveland BY NAN H. DANIELS
Poetry: Ode to an Inconspicuous Flower BY ELIZABETH BLAKER


Research and Reports
Shoot Production in the Rare Alpine Calciphile, Saussurea weberi Hultén:
Insights into Its Population Dynamics BY RON ABBOTT
The Importance of Local Variation for the Conservation of Rare Plants BY MEGAN PETERSON
Book Review: What Linnaeus Saw: A Scientist’s Quest to Name Every Living Thing

News and Announcements
Chapter Events
CoNPS Workshops
Cross-Pollination Events
Support CoNPS on Colorado Gives Day!
Apply Now for Marr and Steinkamp Research Grants

2019 Annual Conference 16TH Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium 
43RD Annual CoNPS Conference Schedule
Speakers and Presentations
Sunday Field Trips
Lodging, Restaurants, and Maps
Silent Auction and Photo Contest

Featured Stories
Autumn Foliage Colors in Colorado BY DAVID LEE
Columns Botany Basics: Plants and Pollinators BY LENORE MITCHELL
Conservation Corner: A Case for Preserving A River’s Natural Character BY MAGGIE GADDIS
Garden Natives: Involving the Senses: The Allure of the Chocolate Flower BY JIM BORLAND Restoration Roundup: Increase Seeding Success with Local Native Seed BY ERICA COOPER
Poetry: Children of the Field BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD
In Memorium: Eleanor Ann Von Bargon BY LORAINE YEATTS


Research and Reports
Aquilegia coerulea and the Evolution of the Spurless Mutant var. daileyae BYZAC CABIN

News and Announcements
Committee Updates

2019 Event Calendar CoNPS Workshops
Chapter Events
CoNPS Field trips
Cross-Pollination Events

Media Review
Wildflower Identification Apps BY KELLY AMBLER

Can You ID these Flowers? BY BOB LAGIER

Gardening to Attract Hummingbirds in Colorado BY MARCELLA FREMGEN AND SHERYL RADOVICH
Arizona Broomrape Found in Western Colorado BY JIM PISAROWICZ
A Penstemon Primer BY MIKE KINTGEN
How Native is Native Enough? The Argument between Natives and Nativars BY ANN GRANT

Botany Basics: A Lexicon of Plant Terms BY ANN GRANT
Conservation Corner: A Tale of Two Wildflowers BY SUZANNE DINGWELL
Garden Natives: Gambel Oak’s Last Stand BY JIM BORLAND
Plant Profile: Fendler’s Cliffbush BY JUDY KENNEDY
Restoration Roundup: Report from the High Altitude Revegetation Conference by the Society for
Ecological Restoration BY SUE DINGWELL
Poetry: Little Woman BY ARTHUR CLIFFORD

Member Profile: Aquilegia Volunteers


Research and Reports
Climate Change on the Rocks BY RICHIE HUM

News and Announcements
CSU Announces Endowment to Herbarium2019 Event Calendar
Committee Updates
CoNPS Workshops
Chapter Events
CoNPS Field trips
Cross-Pollination Events
In Memorium: Dexter Hess BY FRAN PANNEBAKER

Can You ID these Tiny Flowers? BY JAY AUSTIN

Aquilegia 2019 Winter Volume 43.1

Featured Stories
Lost Flower is Found Again: Campanula aparinoides by ELIZABETH TAYLOR
The Relationship between Native Plants and Their Native Pollinators by SUSAN CARTER
Trampling of Alpine Vegetation at Hoosier Ridge by MIKE KINTGEN

Botany Basics: How Photosynthesis Works by DAVID JULIE
Conservation Corner: Pawnee National Grasslands: An Important Conservation Area
for Colorado’s Biodiversity by CRYSTAL COGAR
Garden Natives: Sphaeralcea coccinea, Scarlet Globemallow by JIM BORLAND
Restoration Roundup: Rebuilding the Dolores River Riparian Corridor
with Native Plants by DAVID VARNER
Poetry: Seasonal Union by ARTHUR CLIFFORD
Member Profile: Board of Directors by LENORE MITCHELL

Aquilegia 2018 Fall Volume 42.5

Featured Stories
Colorado Rare Plant Symposium: The Year in Review by Lisa Tasker
2018 Annual Conference: Here’s What You Missed by Kelly Ambler
Appreciating 100 Years of a Remarkable Life: William A. Weber and the People Who Influenced Him by Jan Loechell Turner

Botany Basics: Plants. What Good are They? by Lenore Mitchell
Conservation Corner: Ten Native Plants for a Stunning Ethnobotanic Garden by Kevin Healey
Garden Natives: Western or Alderleaf Serviceberry, Amelanchier alnifolia by Jim Borland
Restoration Roundup: Restoration Masters Volunteer Program
and the Urban Prairies Project by Allison Hamm
Member Profile: Norma Grigs by Lenore Mitchell
Poetry: Hide and Seek of Seasons by Arthur Clifford

Aquilegia 2018 Summer Volume 42.4

Featured Stories
Competition on the Prairie: Pollinators and Their Roles in the Landscape by David Julie
The Hedgehogs: Irresistible Cacti, An Essay by Panayoti Kelaidis
In Memorium: Ron Hartman

Botany Basics by Lenore Mitchell
Conservation Corner by Connie Clem
Garden Natives by Jim Borland
Member Profile by Lenore Mitchell

Research and Reports
Evaluation of Wild Hop (Humulus lupulus L.) Genetic Diversity
Stuck on Cacti: Cactus Workshop Attendees Find Many Species in Bloom by Mary Menz
Spring Workshops a Hit with Members by Lauren Kurtz
RMBL Field Station Reports Early Blooms by David Inouye

Aquilegia 2018 Annual Conference Volume 42.3

Knowledge, Advocacy and Change:
Conference Information and Maps
15th Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium
42nd Annual Conference Schedule
Speakers and Presentations
Field Trips
Lodging and Restaurants
Photo Contest
Silent Auction
Plant Sale

Aquilegia Spring 2018 Volume 42.2

Featured Stories: 
The High Line Canal Trail: Some History and Botanical Mystery
In Memorium:  Emily L. Hartman
Ethics and Protocols of Plant Collecting

Botany Basics
Conservation Corner
Garden Natives
Plant Profile
Restoration Roundup
Member Profile


Research and Reports:
Biological Soil Crusts
Relevant Reading
Marr and Steinkamp Awards
Book Review: Climate-Wise Landscaping, Practical Actions for a Sustainable Future
Help Inventory Native Plants at Sandstone Ranch

Aquilegia Winter 2018 Volume 42.1

Featured Story
Super Bloom: Journey into Desert Gold

Botany Basics
Conservation Corner
Plant Profile
Restoration Roundup
Member Profile

Research and Reports
Reflections on CoNPS Free-List Data
Working Together: CoNPS Members join w/Black Canyon Audubon Society
Review:  Science Article – An Integrated Assessment of the Vascular Plant Species
of the Americas
New Reporting Tool for Noxious Weeds
The People and Pollinator’s Summit, A Summary

Aquilegia Fall 2017 Volume 41.5

Rare Plant Symposium Summary
Revisiting the 2017 Annual Conference
Field Trip Reports
Photo Contest Winners
Conservation Corner:  Native Plant Conservation Campaign
Book and Film Review:  New Online Water Efficiency Film

The Awkward Relationship between Homo sapiens and Planet Earth
A Day in the Life of a Native Seed Collector
Boulder Area Garden Tour Delighted Attendees
Upcoming Events
New Member Profile

Aquilegia Summer 2017 Volume 41.4

News & Announcements
Book Review “Crow Planet” & Announcement
Botanicum absurdum
CoNPS Calendar

40th Anniversary Celebration: 2016 CoNPS Annual Conference
CoNPS Founders & Early Members
Selected Talks & Abstracts of Lightning & Poster Sessions
Conference & Field Trip Photos 2016
Rare Plant Symposium 2016 Report
A CoNPS Cache
Founding Dates of Native Plant Societies of the US
2017 Denver Area Garden Tour
2017 Western Slope Spring Festival

Aquilegia Annual Conference 2017 Volume 41.3

2017 Annual Rare Plant Symposium
2017 CoNPS Annual Conference
Speakers and Abstracts
Field Trips
Silent Auction
Election of at-Large Board of Directors
Tribute to Charlie and Jan Turner
Book Review by Jack Carter “Environmental Ethics”

Aquilegia Spring 2017 Volume 41.2

News & Announcements
Field Trips
Conservation Corner:  The Botany Bill
Book Reviews
Membership Form
Botanicum absurdum

Western Slope Festival
2016 CoNPS Annual Report
Velma Richards, 1917-2017
Award-Winning Native Plant Selections from Plant Select
Cinquefoils at the Elkhorn Study Area
Revegetation Projects Introduce Two New Penstemon Species

Aquilegia Winter 2016 – 2017 Volume 41.1

News & Announcements
Letter to the Editor
Chapter Programs & Field Trips
Conservation Corner: Conserving Colorado’s Native Plants
Garden Natives
Book Reviews

40 Years of Progress in Pollination Biology
Return of the Native: Colorado Native Plants in Horticulture
Climate Change and Columbines
The Ute Learning and Ethnobotany Garden
The Urban Prairies Project

Aquilegia Fall 2016 Volume 40.4

Wildscaping Ambassador Program
Harlequin’s Gardens & the Boulder County Land Use Dept
Jobs & Grant Announcements
Volunteer Voices

Conservation Corner: Conifers at the Crossroads by Renee Galeano-Popp
Marr Research Grant Report: High Country Violets by Ross McCauley
Geobotany and the Wildflower Capitol by Tom Zeiner
The UP Native Plant Program on the Western Slope by Kathy See

Aquilegia Spring 2016 Volume 40.3

News & Announcements
Conservation Corner: Agencies & Organizations
Grow Natives
Book and Media Reviews

Colorado Native Plant Appreciation Week
Tass Kelso: Tributes
Dr. Arthur Kruckeberg – Obituary
Superbloom at Rabbit Valley
CoNPS 2016 Annual Conference & CO Rare Plant Symposium
Forty Years of CoNPS History
Steinkamp Research Report: Regarding DeBeque Phacelia’s Taxonomic Synonymy
Zen & the Art of Wildflower Science
Crowded Parks
CoNPS Garden Tours
Volunteers Make a Difference
Eastern Slope News & Articles
Browns Canyon Bioblitz
Ute Indian Prayer Trees
Western Slope News & Articles
Bioblitz in the West: Plateau Chapter
Grizzly Peak Research Natural Area
Learning Field Techniques in Sagebrush Country
Amazing Weekend at RMBL

Aquilegia Annual Conference 2016 Volume 40.2

Rare Plant Symposium
CoNPS Reception & Special Tours
CoNPS Annual Conference Speakers and Abstracts
40th Annual Conference Anniversary Party
Annual Conference Field Trips

Aquilegia Winter 2016 Volume 40.1

The Year in Review: 2015
Photographic Report on Dr. Tony Reznicek’s Carex Workshop
How to Use the New CoNPS Website
Rudolf Schmid: Rudi’s Retirement Saddens Botanical Bibliophiles
Floristic Inventory at theShambhala Mountain Center

Aquilegia Fall 2015 Volume 39.4

Report on the 2015 Colorado Rare Plant Symposium
Summaries of the 2015 CoNPS Annual Conference Lectures
Field Trip Photos

Aquilegia Summer 2015 Volume 39.3

Conference Update News & Announcements
Board Meeting Summary

New Lichen Species in Boulder
The Lakes at Centerra
Exceptional Paleobotany of S. Colorado
Phenology: Nature’s Calendar
Treasure Hunting in the Black Forest
Columns: Garden Natives
Conservation Corner: The Phenological Adventures of Mo Ewing
Book & Media Reviews

Aquilegia 2015 Annual Conference Special Issue Volume 39.2

Annual Rare Plant Symposium
Colorado Native Plant Society Annual Conference Speakers and Abstracts
Annual Meeting Field Trips
Restaurants in Golden
Lodging in Golden
Election of at-large Board of Directors

Aquilegia Spring 2015 Volume 39.1

James Lauritz Reveal (1941 – 2015): Tribute by Noel Holmgren
Ackerfield’s Flora of Colorado Will Be Printed!
Construction has Begun on the Education Center at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens by Nanette Kuich and Nicola Ripley
Conservation Corner: The Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative’s Rare Alpine Plant Project, by Ginni Greer
CoNPS Supports House Bill 15-1006, to establish a grant program to manage invasive Russian olive and tamarisk
Southern Rockies Seed Network and CoNPS Cross Pollinate, by John Giordanengo
Conservation Committee Brainstorming Meeting – February 6, 2015
Aquilegia coerulea var daileyea Locations
SOIL NOT OIL, a poem by Mikl Brawne

Aquilegia Winter 2014 Volume 38.5

The Year in Review: Reports from the Board
Jim Borland’s Garden Natives: Asclepias incarnata
William A. Weber featured in “The Naturalist” Exhibit
Writing a Flora: An Interview with Jennifer Ackerfield
Cheatgrass: The Biology of an Ongoing Invasion
Planet Taxxa: A Fable
Marr Research Study: Cheatgrass
In Wildness Lies the Preservation of the Economy

Aquilegia Fall 2014 Volume 38.4

CoNPS Photo Contest Winners
Jack and Martha Carter’s Offer of Free Tree & Shrub Books for Schools

Reports on the 2014 CoNPS Annual Meeting
Conservation Corner: Thoughts on the Sequester and the U.S. Forest Service
Penstemon Robbed…Fly Caught in the Act
What’s the Buzz About Flower Color Diversity?
Book & Media Reviews
Sponsors of CoNPS 2014 Annual Meeting
In Wildness Lies the Preservation of the Economy

Aquilegia 2014 Annual Conference Special issue Volume 38 No. 3

Speakers and Abstracts
Annual Meeting Field Trips
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In Wildness Lies the Preservation of the Economy

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Aquilegia Summer 2014 Volume 38.2

Marr/Steinkamp Research: Pollination Biology of Epipactis gigantea
How Lupines Talk to Bees
The Other Down Under: Exploring Alpine Cushion Plants in New Zealand
The Native Plant Master® Program: An Interview with Barbara Fahey
Conservation Corner: White River Beardtongue
Book & Media Reviews, Song
Plant Profiles

Aquilegia Spring 2014 Volume 38.1

Increased Advocacy Efforts Favored
The North American Native Plant Society
Taking Native Plants to School
Phylogenetics Simplified
Plant Profiles

Aquilegia Winter 2013 Volume 37.6

Population Structure of Pinus edulis
Native Pollinators, Native Plants
Conservation Corner: Notes from Nantucket: Glaciers and Plants
The Native Plant Garden: The No Water Garden
Advocacy Survey….Please take survey now!
Ethics of Plant Collecting (Revised)
Summary of 2013 CoNPS Annual Meeting and Rare Plant Symposium
Books & Media
From the Archives: 1983
Cross Pollination: Other Native Plant Societies

Aquilegia Fall 2013 Volume 37.5

Marr Fund Research: Coyotes and Columbines
Next Generation Flora of Colorado
Meet the Natives Through Walter Pesman
From Our Archive
Conservation Corner: Oil, Gas, Native Plants & US
Books & Media
Plant Profiles.

Aquilegia 2013 Annual Meeting Volume 37.4

2013 Annual Meeting: Vital Signs of the Planet: Colorado’s Flora in a Shifting Climate
10th Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium, Friday, September 27 Annual Meeting Agenda
Speakers and Abstracts
Article: Plant Collecting Ethics Policy Training
Article: What Should be the Role of CoNPS: Advocacy or Stewardship?
From Our Archives: 1976: A Message from Our President (William A. Weber)

Aquilegia Summer 2013 Volume 37.3

Marr Fund Research: Phylogeny of Carex Section Scirpinae
Extraordinary Edith: Botanist Edith Clements
Wildflowers of Rabbit Mountain Field Study
Conservation Corner
Book & Media Reviews

Aquilegia 2013 Special Issue Volume 37.2

Book Reviews
Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope: A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants (4th ed.)
Colorado Flora: Western Slope: A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants (4th Ed.) by Jan Loechell Turner

The Evolution of Weber & Wittmann’s Colorado Flora by Jan Loechell Turner
Recollections by Ron Wittmann
Annotated Chronological Bibliography of Some Floras of Colorado by Jan Loechell Turner
Speech to the Colorado Native Plant Society (September 2011)
The Herniaria Story by Bill Weber
Weber Finds New Colorado Species or “A Day in the Life of William Weber” by Mo Ewing
John W. Marr by Ruby Marr
John W. Marr by David Buckner
The Marr/Mesa Verde Link by Jim Erdman
2013 Research Grant Recipients

Aquilegia Spring 2013 Volume 37.1

Conservation Corner: The Mount Evans Project – By Mo Ewing
Ethics and Protocols of Plant Collecting – By Steve Popovich
Position Opening – Paid Editor of Aquilegia
Recent Publications by CoNPS Members
Effective Pollination in a Rare Colorado Endemic: Penstemon degeneri – By Carol English
Foreword to Aspen Dreams – By Joyce Gellhorn
2012 Donors

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