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a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the knowledge,
appreciation and conservation of native plants and
habitats of Colorado through education,
stewardship and advocacy


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On February 8, 2020 the CoNPS
Board of Directors Approved
the Final Version of Our New Strategic Plan
It Can Be Viewed Here

CoNPS Starts Search for New Executive Director

The Colorado Native Plant Society is seeking an Executive Director.  The Colorado Native Plant Society is a Colorado 501(c)(3) Corporation whose mission is furthering the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of native plants and habitats of Colorado through education, stewardship and advocacy.  It is managed primarily for and by member volunteers to provide activities which engage, educate, stimulate, and create a positive experience for its members.

Position Description, Compensation and Application Process Here


photo of a single spring beauty flower in brown grass

Elizabeth Taylor Wins First Native Plant This Spring to Bloom Photo Contest

Metro-Denver Chapter member Elizabeth Taylor says, "This spring beauty was spotted at Dawson Butte Open Space on March 8th, 2021 before the snowstorm later in the week. Now it must be buried under 2 feet of snow. This isn't a particularly good photo, but then I wasn't anticipating a photo contest for the first wildflower of spring! This little beauty surprised me and I snapped its picture quickly with my cell phone! The people who were with me were even more surprised then I was though. I have sometimes seen Spring Beauties blooming in late February, but not this year!"


Elizabeth Taylor won the prize for the first photo of a native plant to bloom this spring. 
Now it is time to vote on all of the entries to choose the most beautiful photo of a native plant to bloom.
Click above to go to the voting page, click on a photo to see full-sized photos, scroll through the photos and vote once on the photo you like best.
The winner's photo will be shown here at the end of the contest.
Voting closes on April 23

Each year our Society members venture out to capture the beauty of Colorado's native plants, and enter the yearly photo contest. This shot by Michael Aubrey took second place in the Wildlife section. It features Potentilla floribunda (Dasiphora fruticosa) with a visit from a northern crescent butterfly. Would you like to able to identify butterflies of the Front Range? This photographic guide, available in our bookstore, can help you out!
Butterflies of the Colorado Front Range

colorado native butterfly
2020 photo contest, 2nd place Wildlife, VMichael Aubrey, Potentilla floribunda (Dasiphora fruticosa) with northern crescent butterfly



Over 40 species to choose from
Pick up points in Denver, Golden, and CO Springs
on May 15th. 
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Native Grasses

Grasses! These important native plants can be so hard to identify. Here's your chance to learn the easy way from Dr. Maggie Gaddis.
Maggie, president of our Southeast Chapter, has just added two fabulous new videos to our website, Grassland Ecology
and Grass ID. Maggie is an accomplished teacher with a relaxed style - you will be an expert before you know it!

Check it out: Colorado Native Plant Society, Southeast Chapter


See the CoNPS 2020 Photo Contest Winners HERE






CoNPS 2020 1st place photo Contest Winner: Arctic Gentian (Gentianodes algida) (photo by Floyd Wright)

Colorado's native plants may be on 'pause' for the winter, but take a careful look around and you will be rewarded with colors that even snow can't subdue. Ou latest blog post puts a spotlight on some plants still clothed in vibrant hues. 

Colors of Winter: Colorado's Native Still Shine

native roses rose hips are persist throughout winter.


Aquilegia Subscriptions Now Available
to Non-members

You don't need to be a member in order to receive our full-color quarterly magazine.  Aquilegia is packed with feature stories about Colorado's native plants and landscapes, current conservation issues, research reports, native plant gardens and gardening and restoration techniques and issues. The magazine is filled with gorgeous photos of Colorado's plants and landscapes, poetry and even comics.  A one-year subscription is $30 for non-members, $20 for members. Subscribe here today!

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