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eNews March 1, 2023

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Peatland Seeps in Colorado

Who knew mud could be so beautiful? Read this account of surveying peatlands for the Colorado Natural Heritage Program.

a photo of yellow lady's slipper

The Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid - Wm Weber

Continuing our republishing of Aquilegia articles, this one is about the Yellow Lady’s Slipper Orchid written by William Weber in January 1978.

Prairie Up: A Book Review

An excellent guide for the urban and suburban gardeners who need a well-designed native garden.

a photo of the Alpine Turf Plant Community

New! Alpine Turf Plant Community

The Alpine Turf Plant Community is the ecological successor to the Alpine Fellfield community and is dominated by sedges and grasses.  Click to to learn more!

A photo of lavender-leaf sundrops flowers in bloom

New Plant Photos

We have just have added several new Colorado plant species on the website from our photo contest winners, bringing our total to 368.

a photo of a meadow full of floothills arncia

New Landscape Photos

Enter this portal to view the new landscape photos which have been added to our website. Three new photos from 2022 photo contestants added in March.

CO Gives Day 2022


148 donors contributed $16,573 during the 2022 CO Gives Campaign. These funds will help us continue to offer mission-driven programming all over the state.

a photo of a Pricky Poppy flower

2022 Photo Contest Winners

ALL the photo contest winners have been added to the website! 

Regional Job Openings

 Botanical and horticultural job openings in our region.

a photograph of Nelson's Physaria

2022 Grant Awards

Check out the recent awards granted
by our Society for research in 2022

Major Sponsors

CoNPS would like to thank our sponsors for the 2022 Annual Conference

2022 Rare Plant Symposium

As we have done for many years, CoNPS hosted the Rare Plant Symposium at our annual conference.  Click for an excellent summary.

Native Plant Summit

Co-led by the CoNPS & the Horticultural Dept. of CO Springs, sold out and drew folks from 8 CO counties!