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Thermopsis rhombifolia, Golden Bean, Maggie Gaddis

eNews May 16, 2023

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Great Galls!

Learn about galls and how to ID them. A fruitful search while we wait for more flowers!

photo of High Creek Fen with a creek running through the middle

Clinton Reservoir Expansion

CoNPS comments on the Clinton Reservoir expansion project, which will inundate and destroy some ancient fens.

Prairie Up: A Book Review

An excellent guide for the urban and suburban gardeners who need a well-designed native garden.

a photo of the Alpine Turf Plant Community

New! Alpine Turf Plant Community

The Alpine Turf Plant Community is the ecological successor to the Alpine Fellfield community and is dominated by sedges and grasses.  Click to to learn more!

CO Gives Day 2022


148 donors contributed $16,573 during the 2022 CO Gives Campaign. These funds will help us continue to offer mission-driven programming all over the state.

Major Sponsors

CoNPS would like to thank our sponsors for the 2022 Annual Conference

a photo of yellow lady's slipper

The Yellow Lady's Slipper Orchid - Wm Weber

Continuing our republishing of Aquilegia articles, this one is about the Yellow Lady’s Slipper Orchid written by William Weber in January 1978.

Regional Job Openings

 Botanical and horticultural job openings in our region.

Some New Photos on the Website

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a close-up photo of a prairie goldenrod flower

Solidago ptarmicoides

Prairie Goldenrod (Solidago ptarmicoides) is considered imperiled in Colorado (S2) but is secure globally.  It is our only goldenrod which isn’t yellow, and quite frankly, doesn’t look much like our usual goldenrods.  The photo was taken by Rick Brune. 

a photo of a meadow full of floothills arncia

Heil Valley Ranch

Heil Valley Ranch is located in Boulder County and is run by Boulder County Open Space. This photo was taken near the Wapiti Trail in the summer 2021 following the Cal-Wood Fire. The photographer, David Hirt said that not one of the Foothills Arnica (Arnica Fulgens), pictured in the foreground, was to be seen when he returned in 2022.

a photo of an Arctic Yellow Violet in a rock crevice

Viola biflora

Arctic Yellow Violet (Viola biflora) is a native wildfower of the montane and subalpine on the Front Range.  It is considered vulnerable in Colorado, the only state in the U.S. where it is found.  But globally it is considered secure because it also occurs in Canada in British Columbia and the Yukon Territory, and in Alaska. Marlene Borneman took this photo.

a photo of Rocky Mountain sky pilot in alpine tundra

Polemonium viscosum

Sky Pilot (Polemonium viscosum) is a Colorado endemic plant, and in spite of that is is only listed in Colorado as imperiled (S2), and globally as aparently secure (G4).  The reason for such low ratings is because it is found in 10 counties with extensive populations that are well protected.  This photo is by Jim Pisarowicz.

a photo of Marcellina Mountain with aspens in full fall color

Marcellina Mountain

This is a photo of Marcellina Mountain with aspens in full fall color. It is taken by Bill Bowman from the Ruby Range, which is just on the other side of Crested Butte from Keebler Pass. The Ruby Range has nine peaks, relatively close to each other, the highest being Mt. Own at 13, 058′. Marcellina Mountain is a 11,353 peak, and is is located in the Raggeds Wilderness.