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Big bluestem – Andropogon gerardii


A *warm season, upright bunchgrass with a ton of year-round interest. In spring, blue-green stems tinged with purple emerge and in fall the leaves turn an attractive bronze. The seed head with purplish tassel-like flowers is usually branched into three parts resembling a turkey’s foot, giving rise to another of its common names – Turkey foot! Prefers full sun but can take partial shade, and needs space – this grass can reach 6-8 ft. Best in larger spaces, or for use as an accent plant in smaller gardens. Host for caterpillars of several skippers, seeds favored by songbirds and prairie chickens. Foliage is important cover for songbirds, protection for butterfly populations, and provides high-protein forage for deer, cattle, and other herbivores. Use seed heads in dried arrangements.

*Note: Warm season, or C4, grasses begin to be active in late spring to early summer, flower and set seed in summer to early fall.

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