Rocky Mtn Blazing Star – Liatris ligulistylus


Showy spikes with purple-pink and very occasionally white flowers on 3 ft. tall plants that may need staking or support from nearby plants in a garden setting. Plants tolerate light shade, drought, heat, poor, infertile, shallow, rocky, sandy, or alkaline soils. Avoid planting in sites that are wet during winter. Rocky Mountain Blazing Star is a pollinator magnet highly favored by monarchs. They also attract long-tongues bees, hairstreak, painted lady, sulphur, fritillary, and swallowtail butterfly species; red admirals, hummingbirds, and hawk moths. Goldfinches love the seeds. Blooms lasting up six weeks come out later in the summer, July to September, perfect for the overwintering or migrating species. Classified by as of special value to native bees. Not favored by deer or rabbits.


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