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Indian Grass – Sorghastrum nutans


A *warm season, tall, bunching sod-former that can reach close to 8 ft. in optimum conditions, but is typically closer to 3 ft.vIndian grass has broad, flat, blue-green blades and large, feathery, golden-brown seed heads that darken to chestnut brown in fall, giving extended interest in the winter garden. It flowers August – September with gold-and-purple sprays giving off an almost metallic sheen. Plant in full sun. Tolerant of a wide range of soils including heavy clays and does well in poor, dry, infertile soils. May open up and/or flop in moist, rich soils. Cut back to the ground in late winter to early spring just before the new growth appears. An important associate in the tallgrass prairies, and is relished by herbivores. Attracts butterflies and seed-eating birds. 
*Note: Warm season, or C4, grasses begin to be active in late spring to early summer, flower and set seed in summer to early fall.


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