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Desert Four O’Clock – Mirabilis multiflora


Four o’clocks for sure – this hardy perennial has five-lobed, magenta-purple flowers that open in late afternoon and close in the morning. Not surprisingly this night-blooming species is visited by many nocturnal insects, including the hawkmoths Sphinx chersis and Eumorpha achemon, as well as pollen-collecting bees that visit at dusk and dawn. Also attracts hummingbirds and quail. Flowers are tubular shaped, fragrant, vibrantly deep pink in color, and set off by lush blue-green foliage.  Growing from a tuberous roots that can become quite large, this plant has rounded profile reaching 1 -2 ft high and spreading to 3 ft. in diameter. Good for groundcover or cascading over walls. Give full sun or part shade in dry, sandy, or rocky soil with good drainage. 

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