Education and Outreach Committee

The Colorado Native Plant Society’s Education and Outreach Committee

We provide educational information and activities about Colorado native plants and natural landscapes both to Colorado Native Plant Society members and to the people of Colorado.

The Education and Outreach Committee specializes in:

Planning collaborative events
Presenting a variety of slide programs
Developing lesson plans to use in classrooms
Providing outreach through educational booths
Leading interpretive hikes that focus on plant identification and general ecology for the young and old alike.

The Committee is looking for members who are interested in getting involved with CoNPS!

E&O Committee members will have the ability to educate the public by staffing the CoNPS outreach booth at upcoming events, lead interpretive hikes, develop informational materials to be used at CoNPS events, build lesson plans to use in Colorado classrooms, and educate the public by presenting a variety of slide programs. This is a great opportunity to share information about native plants and what our Society has to offer!

Other Projects:

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Plants to avoid in landscaping, revegetation, and restoration [Click to download list]