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Become a Native Plant Master® – A Program of Colorado State University Extension

  • Learn fascinating plant facts including landscape uses of Colorado natives and other human uses.
  • Discover how noxious weeds threaten native plants and wildlife.
  • Learn how to use a key and botanical field guides to identify wild plants.
  • Interact with others who share your love of Colorado’s native flora.
  • Be recognized for your advanced knowledge with a certificate from CSU Extension.

Native Plant Master® courses are offered at various open space parks, state parks and other public lands. No course is a required prerequisite for another course. Each 12-hour course is made up of three four-hour sessions taught on mornings in May, June, July, August or September. There is a fee for each course. Courses are offered at a reduced rate for participants who agree to teach at least 20 people per year about Colorado plants for each course taken. For more information or an application, visit the NPM® website.