Conservation Committee

The Conservation Committee is a group of CoNPS volunteers who meet for a brainstorming session each winter to plan out CoNPS conservation efforts for the year.  In the past, the committee ran on-the-ground conservation projects.  However, in 2017 we decided to turn all of these projects over to the Field Studies Committee and the Restoration Committee in order to eliminate duplication of effort.  This has allowed our committee to concentrate on our original mission to act as an advocate for Colorado's native plants and habitats.

2)  We advocate for native plants by making public comment on federal, state and local legislation, policies and management plans regarding native plants.

3)  We also write articles for our Conservation Corner column in Aquilegia, CoNPS' quarterly newsletter.

4)  We encourage our members to serve as citizen scientists, currently by participating in our Adopt-a-Trail Program.

5)  We serve as a clearinghouse of conservation issues for our society chapters.

6) We promote and encourage our members to participate in native plant conservation projects run by our conservation partner agencies .  The Rare Plant Monitoring Stewards Program which is run by the Denver Botanic Gardens, the  Adopt-a-rare plant program run by the Colorado Natural Heritage Program and the Natural Areas Volunteer Stewards Program run by the Colorado Natural Areas Program.

 Contact Mo Ewing for information or if you are interested in participating:  Or look here for announcements and meetings.

Committee Members

Mo Ewing, Chair
Bashira Chowdhury
Nan Daniels
Lara Duran
John DuWaldt
Renee Galeano-Popp
Molly Nepokroeff
Jenny Ramp-Neale
Judith Rice-Jones
Paul Rindfleisch
Kristen Sanders
Alex Schuerman
Matt Schweich
Linda Smith (no relation)
Jen Torrey
John Vickery
Sophia Warsh
Dawn Barton Wells
Loraine Yeatts
Tom Zeiner

Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Gunnison, CO [photo credit]

Silverleaf Nightshade
(Solanum elaeagnifolium)

Fish Lake Thistle (Cirsium clavatum)

Porcini Mushroom (Boletus edulus)

Hoosier Pass Ipomopsis
(Ipomopsis globularis) (G2S2)

Arctic Gentian
(Gentianoides algida)