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John W. Marr Fund
The John W. Marr Fund supports research on the biology of Colorado native plants and plant communities.  Grantees for 2015 are:
DeMasters, Carla (Rebecca Huft, DBG) Working on MS UC Denver.  Using native annual/biennial forbs to direct the development of restored plant communities – a case study of Gunnison sage-grouse habitat.  $500
Diaz, Vanessa (Erin Tripp) Working on MS in Museum and Field Studies.  CU Boulder Museum of Natural History.  Determining lichen individuality through analysis of ploidy architecture using Colorado
Xanthoparmelia specimens.  $500
Pardee, Gabriellla (Rebecca Irwin) Second year Ph.D. student. Dartmouth U.  Uncovering the mechanisms of change in plant growth and reproduction due to early snowmelt and frost events in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.  $500
Worah, Moneka (Leo Bruederle) Working on MS inEnvironmental Sciences.  UC, Denver.  The taxonomy of Physocarpus on the Colorado Eastern Slope.  $925