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Plagiobryoides renauldii, an acrocarpous moss not previously known from Colorado, was found at Unaweep Seep State Natural Area in Mesa County. A bryophyte survey of the natural area was conducted on April 11, 2021, by a group of bryologists, including myself, Paula Lehr, and Ron Wittmann from Colorado, along with Karen Blisard and Russ Kleinman from New Mexico. Russ
Kleinman identified the moss found on wet soil along the east bank of West Creek at an elevation of 5,800 feet. It was confirmed by John R. Spence, the current authority for the family Bryaceae in Flora of North America.

Unaweep Seep Natural Area is known for wetland types created by the many seeps occurring in the 145acre area that support a diversity of plant and wildlife species. The Audubon Society has recognized it as an Important Bird Area for the extensive bird populations found there. This was the first moss survey done in the area.

Plagiobryoides renauldii collection

Plagiobryoides renauldii( Plagiobryoides_renauldii) is a member of the Bryaceae family of mosses and, until now, has only been known from New Mexico and Arizona in the United States and Canada. It is a robust aquatic species, with stems one to three centimeters long, dark to golden green with a blunt leaf apex and a costa not quite reaching the tip. You can find some wonderful photographs of the species by Russ Kleinman and Karen Blisard at nspages/gilaflora/plagiobryoides_renauldii.html

Plagiobryoides renauldii stem

 The eclectic group of bryologists (including Mo Ewing and Kelly Allred, not present) are working together to increase understanding about the occurrence and distribution of mosses and liverworts in Colorado and New Mexico. Three other Colorado Natural Areas Escalante Canyon, Rough Canyon, and Fruita Paleontological Localitywere also surveyed by members of the group. All work was done through a Bureau of Land Management permit for collection of bryophytes, with the help of Anna Lincoln at the BLM and Savannah Smith at the CNAP.

Plagiobryoides renauldii (Röll ex Renauld & Cardot) JR Spence: Stacey Anderson collection 21041214, Mesa County, 9 miles northeast of Gateway, CO along state Hwy 141 in Unaweep Seep Natural Area; Quad: Two V Basin; WGS 84: 38 ° 46′ 24″ N 108 ° 53′ 5″ W. Elevation 5760 ft. East bank of West Creek on rock. Determined by Russ Kleinman; confirmed by John R. Spence

Plagiobryoides renauldii leaf

The specimen will be deposited in the COLO Herbarium at the Museum of Natural History on the University of Colorado Boulder campus (