The CoNPS Research Grants Committee has Chosen the Recipients for the 2019 Research Grants

Marr Grant Recipients

  • Courtenay Ray $850 for: “Demographic response to climate change in the Rocky Mountain alpine”
  • Emily Mooney $850 for: “How native host plant variation shapes a facultative ant-butterfly mutualism”
  • Laurel Brigham $850 for: “Do microclimates and biotic interactions change the nature of range expansions?”
  • Mason Taylor $850 for: “Variation in effect of insect herbivory on Platte thistle (Cirsium canescens) between biogeographic range center and edge”

Steinkamp Grant Recipients

  • Bronwyn Taylor $1,000 for: “The reproductive ecology of Astragalus microcymbus
  • Emily Orr $1,000 for: “Population genomic analysis of the rare, narrow endemic Astragalus microcymbus
  • Haley Carter $1,000 for: “Linalool production in Oenothera harringtonii (Onagraceae): From genome to gene-flow”