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 The CoNPS Research Grants Committee has Chosen the Recipients for the 2019 Myrna Steinkamp Research Grants

Denise Wilson – $1,000

“Monitoring Epipactis gigantea Populations Within Plots Subjected to Three Canada Thistle Eradication Methods.
This adjunct study supported a project by Peak Ecological, collecting data in 2018 – 2021. The grant funded an additional seed set study, as part of an existing long-term study to assess climate change on the reproduction of Epipactis gigantea, the stream orchid, in an open space area near Carbondale, CO. We took advantage of the data set from Peak, which included the presence of ramets, and the number of leaves and flowers each year in six permanently marked plots.

Congratulations Denise!  We look forward to reading about the results of your research in future issues of Aquilegia !