Colorado Plants and Habitats

In this section you can learn about Colorado's native plants and habitats.  We have just gotten started with the content of this page, but will be working to make it better and more interesting as time goes on.  Stay tuned....

But for the moment we have started with some of the items from our old website:

Checklists of Plants Seen on Plant Society Field Trips
Local, State and Regional Plant Lists
Plant Keys
Special Plant Information
Information About Vegetation Zones
Information about Habitats

Asclepias incarnata [photo credit]

Elephant Heads (pedicularis-groenlandica) [photo credit]

Colorado Native Plant Society Photographic Archive

CoNPS has a host of members that are wonderful photographers and over the years have provided beautiful photos of Colorado flora and landscapes.

   Individual Photos on the Website

Our photographs are broken down into five categories Native Plants, Colorado Landscapes, Plants and Wildlife, CoNPS Volunteers and Activities, and Other Photos

Once you get into a specific category, however, you can search for a photo using key words.  For instance, if you have gone to the Colorado Landscapes category, using the "search category" field you can enter Black Canyon of the Gunnison and you will get all of the photos of the Black Canyon. 

   Colorado Native Plant Photo Galleries

Click Here to Go to Photo Galleries of Native Plants

CoNPS Species Lists

Here you can explore lists of plants seen on Native Plant Society field trips.  There are also some lists of plant species found in various other places like state parks and open species.   In the last couple of months we have been loading all of the old CoNPS species lists into an internet site called SEINet. We have done this because one of our mandates is to distribute information on Colorado flora as widely as possible; and on this site the lists are available to the world.  The link above will take you directly to our plant lists but if you wish to access them through the SEINet webpage directly you can do so by going to, "SEINet Arizona Chapter", then choosing "Intermountain Regional Herbarium Network, and finally  "Colorado Floras" under "Flora Projects".  All of the CoNPS species lists are labeled accordingly.

The SEINet species list pages have a lot of wonderful features, but they are not very apparent when you go on the page.  In order to take advantage of what the site has to offer, we have provided a littl:

Provided: A Little SEINet Turorial here.

We have asked that our members keep lists of plants observed on all CoNPS field trips. These should be emailed to

We hope you will join the Colorado Native Plant Society on its field trips. See the Field Trips page and the individual Chapter pages or the Calendar of Events for field trip information. All trips are free and open to everyone.

Senecio soldenella on Red Mountain Ridge
[photo credit]

Aquilegia coerulea at Gothic Colorado [photo credit]

Local, State and Regional Plant Lists

In this section we will begin to accumulate interesting lists of local, state and regional plant lists.  At the present time we have a couple of samples:

Wildflowers of Rabbit Mountain            

Wildflowers of Hermosa Park

Plant List of the Southern Rocky Mountain Region, Neil Snow

Colorado Native Plant APPS

Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflower Mobile App - by CoNPS member Al Schneider

Colorado Wetlands Mobile App

Clay-Loving Buckwheat (Eriogonum clavellatum) G2QS2

Plant Databases and Herbaria:

Colorado State University Extension (Ft. Collins, CO): Colorado Plant Database

Colorado Mesa University (Grand Junction, CO): Walter A. Kelley Herbarium

Denver Botanic Gardens (Denver, CO): Kathryn Kalmbach Herbarium

Fort Lewis College (Durango CO): Herbarium

University of Colorado at Boulder Museum (Boulder, CO): Herbarium Specimen Database

Colorado State University (Ft. Collins, CO): Natural Sciences Herbarium

University of Wyoming (Laramie, WY):  Rocky Mountain Herbarium Database

Utah State University Intermountain Herbarium

Botanical Learning Games

Don Hazlett's Prairie Plant Check-off List
This checklist tests your "Prairie Plant Proficiency" score by determining how many of the top ten plants in each category you have experienced.  The categories are:
          Plants Eaten                                  Plants Smelled         
          Plants used as a Medicine          Plants with Seeds Stick to Your Socks
          Top Invasive Plants                      Plants with Best Associated Folklore
          Plants that are the Most Rare     Most Poisonous Plants
Download the checklist and see how well you score.

What Family is That?
This photo gallery tests your ability to identify the correct plant family of the plant you are viewing.  It will cover the twenty most common plant families in Colorado (those families are being added daily).  The primary characteristics of each family are found in the answer.  Family characteristics are taken from Thomas J. Elperl's book Botany in a Day.

Monarda fistulosa with Hyles lineata

Parmelia and Xanthoparmelia Lichens, repurposed [photo credit]