Web Volunteers Training

     Interested in being a web volunteer?             email --> Mo Ewing at bayardewing@gmail.com

We Need Volunteers

We are looking for creative volunteers to provide interesting content for our website.

--> Each CoNPS chapter has its own page which needs to be filled with interesting
     announcements, articles, videos and news items about their area.

--> Every CoNPS committee has its own page that needs to be filled with interesting content
     such as videos on how to create a native plant garden.

--> Our Plants and Habitats page needs interesting content about Colorado flora.

--> Or if you are a Virgo and like to organize things, we need to index all past issues of
     Aquilegia, put all of our old research reports on line, and create photo galleries of
     native plants.


Lupinus argenteus Teardrop

Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia hirta)


Our CoNPS website is run by WordPress software.  WordPress is a free program that you can download from the internet.  It is one of the best known programs that people are using to create blog websites.  Although WordPress was originally only used to create blogs, it has been enhanced so that it can be used to create complex websites.

The primary reason that we chose WordPress to build this website was because we did not have to learn computer code in order to build it.  The software is very user-friendly and quite easy to learn.  And most questions you have can be answered by making a query to Google.

If you would like to learn how to use WordPress, there are several excellent YouTube tutorials that you can use to learn the basics.  The one I used is:

http://videos.wpbeginner.com/  It will teach you how to use WordPress to set up a blog site.

Our CoNPS website is based upon another YouTube tutorial which teaches you how to use WordPress to create a full-blown website:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sd0grLQ4voU  We used the theme from this YouTube video to create our website because of its focus on photos and illustrations.


Contributors are CoNPS volunteers who need to use the website to communicate with other members about chapter meetings, workshops, field trips, conservation projects and other events.  Contributors may also use the website membership lists to send emails to chapter members or members on their committees.   They also may assist in managing books in the bookstore and do other projects under supervision.

This category is designed for volunteers who have a job they want to accomplish on the website, but are not particularly interested in learning the finer points of the website software.

There are two major programs which run the website, WordPress and MembershipWorks (MW).  MembershipWorks runs everything to do with membership and events, and WordPress runs everything else.  Depending what you want to do you will either access WordPress or MemberFindMe.

Login to MembershipWorks:  https://membershipworks/admin/   Login to WordPress: https://conps.org/wp-admin

Chapter Presidents, Committee Chairs and Event Coordinators How to:   

Post Announcements (7:41)   

Do Chapter or Committee Member Mailings (8:25) 

Set Up Events (12:01)                                                                          Required Field Trip Information

Generation Gap

No Name Creek


Authors are volunteers who would like to do somewhat more complicated and creative things on the website.  This level also requires that you learn a bit more about WordPress.  At this level you can build, edit and delete your posts directly to the website without having them reviewed by an editor first.  You can add individual photos and videos.  You can help run the bookstore, or index past issues of Aquilegia.

The following training videos introduce you to WordPress and teach you how to do some of the activities above.  They should be viewed in the order below.

How to Create Simple Posts Part 1 (Duration: 12:00)   

        How to Create Simple Posts Part 2 (Duration: 12:20)

How to Create More Complex Posts Using Visual Editor (Duration 18:56)

How to Use the Media Library (Duration: 19:59)

How to Make Videos and PDF Posts Searchable (Duration: 18:59)

How to Run the Bookstore (Part 1: stocking the shelves)


Editors can write, manage and publish their own posts, and the posts of others.  Editors can also create, edit and delete web pages. Help run the bookstore, make forms, create photo galleries, manage comments that are posted to the site and manage categories.

A webpage has static content and contains text, photos and links to other parts of our website and other sites on the web as well as links to posts through the category pages.  An example of a webpage is the Volunteer page which can be found at the volunteer webpage.

How to create the CoNPS Chapter Pages (Duration: 20:51)

How to Set Up An Event With Registration

          Required Field Trip Information

          Required Workshop Payment & Cancellation Policy

How to create the CoNPS Committee Pages (in process)
How to Make Forms (in process)
How to Create Photo Galleries (in process)
How to Run the Bookstore: build new shelves, add new products (Part 2 in process)
How to Manage Comments and Categories (in process)

(Physaria alpina)

Evening Primrose (Oenograceae)


Administrator has full access to all administrative features

How to Maintain the Website (in progress)

How to Set Roles and Access (in progress)

How to Manage Menus (in progress)

How to Manage MemberFindMe (in progress)