Our Society is run by an Operating Committee consisting of six members of our Board. The Board meets from three to five times a year at different locations along the Front Range. Voting members include our Chapter Presidents. Right now we are meeting via Zoom. All of our Board meetings are open to the public, and all are indeed encouraged to attend! There are always lively topics to discuss and vote on, and when again meet in person, refreshments are always on the agenda.

This page contains a searchable database of all minutes of board meetings  since 2013, scroll down..

The 2021 Board meetings are scheduled on Saturday mornings on the following dates: February 15, April 10, July 31 and October 23, virtual for the time being, from 10am to 1:00 pm.

Operating Committee

Mo Ewing                                     Deryn Davidson
Ann Grant                                     Amy Yarger

Board Members-At-Large (Directors)

Chistina Alba
Deryn Davidson
Steve Olson
Anna Wilson
Amy Yarger
Tom Zeiner

Chapter Presidents and/or Leadership Teams

Boulder Chapter Committee: Anna Theodorakos, Lynn Riedel, Noonie Yaron, Jackie Ramaley and Patricia Butler
Metro Denver Chapter Committee: Rahman Minhas, Emily Clapper, Rachel Puttmann, Dina Baker, Lindsay Nerad, Audrey Spencer
Northern Chapter: Operating Committee: Ann Grant, Maddie Maher, Steven Haupti, Ronda Koski
Plateau Chapter Committee: David Varner & Jim Pisarowicz
San Luis Valley Chapter - Carol English
Southeast Chapter: Maggie Gaddis
Southwest Chapter:  Operating Committee: Michael Remke (President), Anthony Culpepper, Amanda Kuenzi and John Bregar

Committee Chairs

Conservation Committee: Mo Ewing
Education/Outreach Committee: Vacant
Field Studies Committee: Steve Olson & Lara Duran (co-chairs)
Horticulture Committee: Ann Grant
Media Committee: Deryn Davidson, Lenore Mitchell, Steve Olson
Aquilegia:  Kelly Ambler, Managing/Design Editor
Research Grants Committee: Stephen Stern
Restoration Committee: Haley Stratton
Scholarship Committee: Cecily Mui

Horsethief Canyon, Colorado River, Mesa Co.

CoNPS Staff

Executive Director
Maggie Gaddis

Administrative Coordinator
Linda Smith

Marketing and Events Coordinator
Denise Wilson

Workshop Coordinator
Kathy Okon

Joni Wagner

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram Coordinators
Carol English, Denise Wilson

Webmasters (volunteer)
Mo Ewing
Sue Dingwell

Prince's Plume
(Stanleya pinnata)

Mountain Mahogany Swirls

Colorado Columbine (Aquilegia coerulea)

Pasque Flower
(Anemone patens multifida)

Dwarf Milkweed (Asclepias macrosperma) (G5 S1)