The Colorado Native Plant Society Workshops are exceptional learning experiences for professional and amateur botanists alike.  Workshop presenters are experts on Colorado flora and are very generous in sharing their knowledge and time. They come with plant samples and hands-on exercises designed to expand your plant identification skills and ecological understanding. Workshops are held at various locations throughout Colorado, with the majority at venues along the Front Range. They begin at 9 am and end between 3 and 4 pm and are limited to 15-30 people, depending on location.

This year, we are increasing the number, topics, and locations of workshops offered, in order to better serve you.  Topics chosen:

1. Reflect CoNPS’ dedication to furthering the knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of native plants and habitats of Colorado;
2. Serve new members as well as long-time participants, ranging from novice plant lovers to professional botanists;
3. Meet member interests and needs. In the last member survey:

* 96% of respondents said they value opportunities to learn about native plants;
* 94% are interested in the ecological relationships of plants, animals, insects, and the environment;
* 71% are interested in gardening with native plants;
* 44% photograph, paint, and/or illustrate native plants; and
* 33% signup for workshops/field trips as part of their professional development.
* In addition, 77% of the respondents are interested in summer field seminars that allow them to take an in-depth look at Colorado’s native flora and ecosystems first-hand outdoors. Respondents are willing to pay additional registration fees to pay for the expert field seminar leaders while enjoying a smaller group size.

So, you responded, and we’re delivering!  As of February 2019, workshops planned for new and novice members include two introductory Colorado wildflower workshops and a beginning macro photography class.  More advanced workshops include an in-depth look at Colorado cacti, orchids, ferns, grasses, and mushrooms.  In addition, a variety of summer ecology field seminars are being scheduled, including wetland ecology, prairie ecology, and Colorado ecosystems field seminars. For those interested in gardening with native plants, a new three-part series is being offered this year that includes the importance and purpose of planting native plant gardens, planting native plants for year-round color, texture, and interest; the basics of soil science, and how to design your own native plant garden.  For the artists in the crowd, a plant illustration workshop is planned.  For those seeking professional development, a vegetative mapping workshop is coming up this spring.  And even more workshops/field seminars are in the works!

So, keep an eye on the CoNPS E-News, the CoNPS website Calendar of Events and Current Activities list, and Aquilegia e-magazine to view the plethora of workshops and field seminars offered this year.  Be sure to register early, as these activities fill up quite rapidly.  We hope to see you in a workshop or on the trail taking advantage of these excellent programs!

Frasera speciosa Meadow

CoNPS Workshop, Field Seminar, and Webinar Refund Policy:  Full refunds will be given for cancellations made up to one week prior to the scheduled date of the workshop, field seminar, or webinar.  Full refunds will also be given if CoNPS cancels a workshop, field seminar, or webinar (due to inclement weather, etc.), and all registrants will be notified by phone or email prior to the event.  In addition, if CoNPS needs to change the event format (i.e. from an in-person workshop to online), CoNPS will provide refunds for existing registrants who cancel their registration within one week after CONPS notifies the registrants of the change.  So, if CoNPS needs to change the format of an event less than a week before the event, registrants who do not attend the event can request a refund even after the event, as long as it’s within one week of CoNPS’ notification.

If you need to cancel your registration, please contact the CoNPS Workshop Coordinator at or the CoNPS Administrative Coordinator at


Alpine Fireweed
(Chamerion angustifolium)

Penland Beardtongue (Penstemon penlandii) (G1S1)
Wild Begonia (Rumex venosis)
Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)