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Aquilegia Fall 2017 Volume 41-5


        Rare Plant Symposium Summary
        Revisiting the 2017 Annual Conference
        Field Trip Reports
        Photo Contest Winners
        Conservation Corner:  Native Plant Conservation Campaign
        Book and Film Review:  New Online Water Efficiency Film                                            




        The Awkward Relationship between Homo sapiens and Planet Earth
        A Day in the Life of a Native Seed Collector
        Boulder Area Garden Tour Delighted Attendees
        Upcoming Events
        New Member Profile


Aquilegia Summer 2017, Volume 41-4


News & Announcements
Book Review "Crow Planet" & Announcement                                               
Botanicum absurdum                              
CoNPS Calendar



40th Anniversary Celebration: 2016 CoNPS Annual Conference
CoNPS Founders & Early Members                                               
Selected Talks & Abstracts of Lightning & Poster Sessions                                     
Conference & Field Trip Photos 2016
Rare Plant Symposium 2016 Report
A CoNPS Cache
Founding Dates of Native Plant Societies of the US
2017 Denver Area Garden Tour
2017 Western Slope Spring Festival


Aquilegia Annual Conference 2017, Volume 41-3


2017 Annual Rare Plant Symposium                                               
2017 CoNPS Annual Conference                                       
Speakers and Abstracts
Field Trips
Silent Auction
Election of at-Large Board of Directors
Tribute to Charlie and Jan Turner
Book Review by Jack Carter "Environmental Ethics"



Aquilegia Spring 2017 Volume 41-2


News & Announcements                                              
Field Trips
Conservation Corner:  The Botany Bill
Book Reviews
Membership Form
Botanicum absurdum



Western Slope Festival
2016 CoNPS Annual Report
Velma Richards, 1917-2017
Award-Winning Native Plant Selections from Plant Select
Cinquefoils at the Elkhorn Study Area
Revegetation Projects Introduce Two New Penstemon Species

Winter 2016-2017 Volume 41 No. 1 Contents


News & Announcements                                              
Letter to the Editor                                      
Chapter Programs & Field Trips
Conservation Corner: Conserving Colorado’s Native Plants
Garden Natives
Book Reviews



40 Years of Progress in Pollination Biology
Return of the Native: Colorado Native Plants in Horticulture
Climate Change and Columbines
The Ute Learning and Ethnobotany Garden
The Urban Prairies Project

Fall 2016 Volume 40 No. 4 Contents

Chapter Programs5
News & Announcements
Wildscaping Ambassador Program
Harlequin’s Gardens & the Boulder County Land Use Dept
Jobs & Grant Announcements
Volunteer Voices
Membership Form



Conservation Corner: Conifers at the Crossroads by Renee Galeano-Popp
Marr Research Grant Report: High Country Violets by Ross McCauley
Geobotany and the Wildflower Capitol by Tom Zeiner
The UP Native Plant Program on the Western Slope by Kathy See

Spring 2016 Volume 40 No. 3 Contents


News & Announcements
Conservation Corner: Agencies & Organizations
Grow Natives
Book and Media Reviews


eColorado Native Plant Appreciation Week
Tass Kelso: Tributes
Dr. Arthur Kruckeberg - Obituary
Superbloom at Rabbit Valley
CoNPS 2016 Annual Conference & CO Rare Plant Symposium
Forty Years of CoNPS History
Steinkamp Research Report: Regarding DeBeque Phacelia's Taxonomic Synonymy
Zen & the Art of Wildflower Science



Articles (continued)

    Crowded Parks
    CoNPS Garden Tours
    Volunteers Make a Difference
    Eastern Slope News & Articles
       Browns Canyon Bioblitz
       Ute Indian Prayer Trees
    Western Slope News & Articles
       Bioblitz in the West: Plateau Chapter
       Grizzly Peak Research Natural Area
       Learning Field Techniques in Sagebrush Country
       Amazing Weekend at RMBL



Annual Conference 2016 Volume 40 No. 2 Contents

Rare Plant Symposium
CoNPS Reception & Special Tours
CoNPS Annual Conference Speakers and Abstracts
40th Annual Conference Anniversary Party
Annual Conference Field Trips




Winter 2016 Volume 40 No. 1 Contents

Field Trips & Chapter Events
Summer Field Seminars
News & Announcements
     The Year in Review: 2015
     Photographic Report on Dr. Tony Reznicek's Carex Workshop
     How to Use the New CoNPS Website
     Rudolf Schmid: Rudi's Retirement Saddens Botanical Bibliophiles
     Floristic Inventory at theShambhala Mountain Center



Conservation Corner: Stream Restoration After the 2013 Floods
Garden Natives
Book and Media Reviews
Botanicum Absurdicum

Fall 2015 Volume 39 No. 4 Contents

News and Announcements
Board Meeting Summary
Workshops and Fall Programs
Report on the 2015 Colorado Rare Plant Symposium
Summaries of the 2015 CoNPS Annual Conference Lectures
Field Trip Photos

Award Winners Jack & Martha Carter
Award Winner Vickey Trammell
Award Winner Mo Ewing
Holiday Shopping at the CoNPS Bookstore

Summer 2015 Volume 39 No. 3 Contents

Conference Update News & Announcements
Board Meeting Summary
Articles: New Lichen Species in Boulder
              The Lakes at Centerra
               Exceptional Paleobotany of S. Colorado
               Phenology: Nature’s Calendar
               Treasure Hunting in the Black Forest
Columns: Garden Natives
                  Conservation Corner: The Phenological Adventures of Mo Ewing
Book & Media Reviews
Field Trips, Workshops, Calendar

2015 Annual Conference Special Issue Volume 39 No. 2 Contents

Annual Rare Plant Symposium
Colorado Native Plant Society Annual Conference Speakers and Abstracts
Annual Meeting Field Trips
Registration Form
Restaurants in Golden
Lodging in Golden
Election of at-large Board of Directors

Spring 2015 Volume 39 No. 1 Contents

James Lauritz Reveal (1941 – 2015): Tribute by Noel Holmgren
Summer Field Trips
Ackerfield’s Flora of Colorado Will Be Printed!
Construction has Begun on the Education Center at Betty Ford Alpine Gardens by Nanette Kuich and Nicola Ripley
Conservation Corner: The Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative’s Rare Alpine Plant Project, by Ginni Greer
CoNPS Supports House Bill 15-1006, to establish a grant program to manage invasive Russian olive and tamarisk
Southern Rockies Seed Network and CoNPS Cross Pollinate, by John Giordanengo
Conservation Committee Brainstorming Meeting – February 6, 2015
Aquilegia coerulea var daileyea Locations
SOIL NOT OIL, a poem by Mikl Brawne

Winter 2014 Volume 38 No. 5 Contents

News & Announcements
Chapter Events
The Year in Review: Reports from the Board
Jim Borland’s Garden Natives: Asclepias incarnata
William A. Weber featured in “The Naturalist” Exhibit
Writing a Flora: An Interview with Jennifer Ackerfield
Cheatgrass: The Biology of an Ongoing Invasion
Planet Taxxa: A Fable
Marr Research Study: Cheatgrass
In Wildness Lies the Preservation of the Economy

Fall 2014 Volume 38 No. 4 Contents

News & Announcements
CoNPS Photo Contest Winners
Jack and Martha Carter’s Offer of Free Tree & Shrub Books for Schools
CoNPS Calendar, Workshops, Chapter Events
Articles: Reports on the 2014 CoNPS Annual Meeting
               Conservation Corner: Thoughts on the Sequester and the U.S. Forest Service
               Penstemon Robbed…Fly Caught in the Act
               What’s the Buzz About Flower Color Diversity?
Book & Media Reviews
Sponsors of CoNPS 2014 Annual Meeting
In Wildness Lies the Preservation of the Economy

2014 Annual Conference Special issue Volume 38 No. 3 Contents

Speakers and Abstracts
Annual Meeting Field Trips
Registration Form
In Wildness Lies the Preservation of the Economy

Summer 2014 Volume 38 No. 2 Contents

News & Announcements
Field Trips
      Marr/Steinkamp Research: Pollination Biology of Epipactis gigantea
      How Lupines Talk to Bees
      The Other Down Under: Exploring Alpine Cushion Plants in New Zealand
      The Native Plant Master® Program: An Interview with Barbara Fahey
      Conservation Corner: White River Beardtongue
Book & Media Reviews, Song
Plant Profiles

Spring 2014 Volume 38 No. 1 Contents

Field Trips
Chapters & Committees News
News & Announcements
      Increased Advocacy Efforts Favored
      The North American Native Plant Society
      Taking Native Plants to School
      Phylogenetics Simplified
Plant Profiles

Winter 2013 Volume 37 No.6 Contents

Articles: SEINET
                Population Structure of Pinus edulis
               Native Pollinators, Native Plants
               Conservation Corner: Notes from Nantucket: Glaciers and Plants
               The Native Plant Garden: The No Water Garden
Advocacy Survey….Please take survey now!
Ethics of Plant Collecting (Revised)
Summary of 2013 CoNPS Annual Meeting and Rare Plant Symposium
Books & Media
From the Archives: 1983
Cross Pollination: Other Native Plant Societies



Workshops & Chapter Programs
News & Announcements
Shopping at the CoNPS Bookstore
Lichen Profiles
Plant Profiles

Fall 2013 Volume 37 No. 5 Contents

      Marr Fund Research: Coyotes and Columbines
      Next Generation Flora of Colorado
      Meet the Natives Through Walter Pesman
      From Our Archive
      Conservation Corner: Oil, Gas, Native Plants & US
Workshops, Chapter Programs
Books & Media
News & Announcements
Plant Profiles.

2013 Annual Meeting Volume 37 No. 4 Contents

2013 Annual Meeting: Vital Signs of the Planet: Colorado’s Flora in a Shifting Climate
10th Annual Colorado Rare Plant Symposium, Friday, September 27 Annual Meeting Agenda
Speakers and Abstracts
Field Trips
Lodging in Boulder & Map of the Rare Plant Symposium Location
Where to Eat in Boulder
Article: Plant Collecting Ethics Policy Training
Article: What Should be the Role of CoNPS: Advocacy or Stewardship?
From Our Archives: 1976: A Message from Our President (William A. Weber)




Article: A Tribute to Ann Henson
Article: Two Summers Among the Rocks: Remembering Ann Henson
New Books
Chapter Field Trips: Updates and Changes
News & Announcements
About the Society
University of Colorado Campus Map

Summer 2013 Volume 37 No. 3 Contents

Marr Fund Research: Phylogeny of Carex Section Scirpinae
Extraordinary Edith: Botanist Edith Clements
Wildflowers of Rabbit Mountain Field Study
Conservation Corner
Book & Media Reviews
Field Trips
News & Announcements
Book & Merchandise Order Form

2013 Special Issue Volume 37 No.2 Contents

Book Reviews: Colorado Flora: Eastern Slope: A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants (4th ed.)
     Colorado Flora: Western Slope: A Field Guide to the Vascular Plants (4th Ed.) by Jan Loechell Turner
The Evolution of Weber & Wittmann’s Colorado Flora by Jan Loechell Turner
Recollections by Ron Wittmann
Annotated Chronological Bibliography of Some Floras of Colorado by Jan Loechell Turner
Speech to the Colorado Native Plant Society (September 2011)
The Herniaria Story by Bill Weber
Weber Finds New Colorado Species or “A Day in the Life of William Weber” by Mo Ewing
John W. Marr by Ruby Marr
John W. Marr by David Buckner
The Marr/Mesa Verde Link by Jim Erdman
2013 Research Grant Recipients

Spring 2013 Volume 37 No. 1 Contents

Conservation Corner: The Mount Evans Project - By Mo Ewing
Ethics and Protocols of Plant Collecting - By Steve Popovich
Position Opening – Paid Editor of Aquilegia
2013 Field Trips
Recent Publications by CoNPS Members
Effective Pollination in a Rare Colorado Endemic: Penstemon degeneri - By Carol English
Foreword to Aspen Dreams - By Joyce Gellhorn
2012-2013 Workshops
Chapter News and Announcements
2012 Donors

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