Research Grants (Marr and Steinkamp Funds)

Objective: To Select the recipients of small grants from the John W. Marr Fund and the Myrna P. Steinkamp Memorial Fund.  These separate funds honor the late Dr. John Marr, Professor at the University of Colorado and first President of the Colorado Native Plant Society, and Myrna Steinkamp, a founding member of the Colorado Native Plant Society who worked on behalf of the Society for many years in a variety of capacities.

Both funds were established to support field and laboratory research on the biology and natural history of Colorado native plants.

The chairman of the Research Committee is Stephen Stern at

Mission Grants

Objective: To support research or other projects that contribute to the knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of native plants and habitats in Colorado. Grants will be awarded twice every calendar year, once in spring and once in fall. To be considered, spring proposals must be received by February 1st and fall proposals by August 1st. For more information on the scope of the grants and how to apply, go to Mission Grant Purpose & Application Process.

The contact for the Mission Grants Committee is Christina Alba.

Rollins Lake, Rollins Pass, Boulder County

The CoNPS Mission Grant is funded by accumulated operating funds surpluses from prior years.

Mission Grant Criteria

1. How well does this proposal advance the CoNPS mission (through education, stewardship, or advocacy?)

2. Explanation of which native plant or native plant community/habitat the project benefits.

3. Quality of Application (well written, clarity of purpose, tangible product(s) and high chance for project completion.

4. Applicant's Experience (relevant, indicative of successful project completion.

5. Likelihood of CoNPS partner organizations benefiting from this project.

6. Personal evaluation of project.

The Alice Eastwood Scholarship is administered by the Alice Eastwood Partnership in collaboration with the Colorado Native Plant Society (CoNPS).  It is intended to help support undergraduates pursuing bachelor’s degrees that ultimately advance the Mission of the Society:

The Colorado Native Plant Society is dedicated to furthering the knowledge, appreciation and conservation of native plants and habitats of Colorado through education, stewardship and advocacy.”


Scholarships of $475 — Eastwood’s annual salary earned while teaching at Denver East High School — will be matched with funds from the CoNPS for a total award of $950 per scholarship administered on an annual basis by the Society. Depending on the application pool, one or two awards are expected each year through 2029.  Qualified applicants, whether or not they are selected as recipients, will receive a student membership in the Society if they submit a quality application.

The Marr Fund supports research on the biology of Colorado native plants and plant communities.

The Steinkamp Fund supports research on the biology of Colorado rare native plants.

Thanks to the generous contributions of many members and supporters, a total of approximately $10,000 each year is available for grants.  Your donation to these funds is encouraged and welcomed.
You may make a donation on-line on this website or send a check indicating the fund to which you wish to donate to:

Colorado Native Plant Society
P.O. Box 200
Fort Collins, Colorado 80522

Snow Willow (Salix nivalis)

Wild Bergamot (Monarda fistulosa)

Arrhenia auriscalpium
Utah Serviceberry
(Amelanchier utahensis)

Astragalus oocalycis