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Maximillian Sunflower Perennial – Helianthus maximiliani


Bright with large yellow flowers packed along tall spikes, this sunflower can be distinguished from others because of its downward curving leaves, which are most erect when fully hydrated and droop further as the plant saves energy in drier conditions. Native to the eastern plains, this drought tolerant plant requires full sun in dry to medium conditions. Very tall, reaching six feet or more depending on conditions, and blooming May – September, again depending on its location. Like all sunflowers, can spread vigorously through rhizomatous roots and self-seeds, thus may not suit small spaces. Attracts a number of long-tongued bees, short-tongued bees, butterflies, and moths butterfly. Very late bloomer, self seeds readily if not deadheaded, deer and rabbit resistant. Cutting it back in mid-summer can help keep it from getting top heavy and falling over.



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