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Indian Rice Grass – Oryzopsis hymenoides


Also known as Indian millet or Sand Grass, this is a *cool season, perennial bunchgrass with grey-green, narrow, rolled leaf blades. The flowers, blooming May through July, are a yellow, green color that attract birds and butterflies. The inflorescence is an open, branching panicle consisting of long, undulating stalks with a wiry appearance. Each branch ends in a single seed. Seeds are black, covered with short hairs, and are enjoyed by birds. People can grind the seeds into flour. Indian Rice Grass prefers sandy, well-drained soil and full sun, growing to up two ft. tall. Favored as an excellent restoration plant, and well-liked by herbivores. A synonym for this plant is Eriocama hymenoides.
*Note: Cool season, or C3, grasses begin growing actively in late winter to early spring, flowering and setting seed in the spring to early summer


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