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Idaho fescue – festuca idahoensis


A long-lived perennial, this is a smaller, tidy, *cool season bunchgrass. Blue-green leaves are fine but stiff, dense, and mostly basal growing to just over 3 ft. Requires sun, adaptable, tolerant of sand, loam and clay. Flower cluster has hairy spikelets which produce large-awned fruits. The root system is thick and penetrates deeply into the soil. The roots have symbiotic mycorrhizae. This is a nutritious and preferred forage grass for wild and domestic animals, favored by grazers, even during winter months. It is drought tolerant and prefers soils that are loamy with sand and clay.

*Note: cool season, or C3, grasses begin growing actively in late winter to early spring, flowering and setting seed in the spring to early summer.


Full sun, 1-3 ft tall; it hs blue green leaves and prefers the cooler months. It is drought tolerent and perfers soils that are loamy with sand and clay.

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