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Beebalm, bergamot – Monarda fistulosa


Another true pollinator magnet, butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds flock to this sturdy perennial wildflower with lavender tubular flowers. Both flowers and leaves are fragrant. Bee balm expands to form upright clumps, stems are smooth, green and square, branching freely in the upper half. Blooms more numerous in full sun but tolerates partial shade, prefers a moist, fertile soil, but can adapt to drier conditions. In the drier conditions its lower leaves will fall. Divide in spring or fall every 3-4 years to promote heavy blooming. Once established, plants tolerate heat and drought. Flowers for up to six weeks June – September. Not preferred by deer, rabbits, or other herbivores. Many birds also love the nutlets in fall and winter.

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