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Arizona fescue – Festuca arizonica


This is a *cool-season, long-lived, perennial bunchgrass. Stems clustered closely together, grows 1 to 3 feet from a dense base. Tufted leaves, bluish-green, are narrow and stiff, rough to the touch. Dense and fibrous root system allows Arizona fescue to tolerate dry conditions and withstand some trampling, prefers full sun but is moderately tolerant of partial shade. Occurs naturally on sites with dry, shallow, clay, or loamy soils but tolerates gravelly, sandy, or rocky soils as well. Excellent soil binder, often used for site stabilization. Palatable to livestock when growth is new and tender.
*Note: cool season, or C3, grasses begin growing actively in late winter to early spring, flowering and setting seed in the spring to early summer.



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