Seinet Tutorial

Click on one of the CoNPS lists and you come to the Species List Page.  This page has a lot of wonderful features that are not immediately apparent.

The default species list we have chosen is to show is plant photos in alphabetical order by family and genus.

--->  Check "Common Names" and then "rebuild list" and you get a plant list with common names
--->  Check "Notes & Vouchers" and then "rebuild list" and you will get any other information that was collected on the trip, such as location, phenology or abundance.  if any vouchers were collected on the trip (unusual for our field trips) you will be linked to information on that collection.
--->  Check on "Taxon Authors" and you get the full name of the plants with authors

Just to the right of the "Rebuild List" button are three buttons where you can

--->  Print the list into a Word document
--->  Print the list directly
--->  Or download the list in a csv file for use in a spreadsheet.

Just under the list title and authors are "more details" which provide additional information about the species list and field trip.

Just to the right of the field trip name is a little key.  Click on it and it will lead you to an interactive plant ID key of the species on the species list.

Just to the right of the key is the "Games" button with a "name game" and a "flash card" games to test your knowledge about the plants on the list.

If you click on any of the species names of photos, you are taken to the Species Page.  Here you have:

--->  Photos of the plant (many of the plants do not yet have photos, only photos of herbanium collections.  CoNPS will be uploading live plant photos to the site where needed.  Contribute photos of needed plants!
--->  Photos of herbarium collections made of the plant which leads to all of the voucher data
--->  Plant descriptions (there can be multiple descriptions from various sources)
--->  Various web links to lead you to more information about the plant

This should give you a good idea of why we decided to store our species lists on this website.