In our new website we have shifted the focus to “further the knowledge of native plants and habitats through education.”

The site still includes all of the membership, events, and product activities of the old website. It retains all the descriptions of chapters, committees, history, board activities, grants, and CoNPS News as before, but now there is a new focus on native plants and habitats. This new, enlarged section is comprised of articles written by a dozen or so dedicated CoNPS volunteers and featured on the Homepage.

The new Plants and Habitat Section starts with a discussion of Colorado’s six ecological zones: alpine, subalpine, montane, foothill, plains, and semi-desert shrublands, and describes a couple of interesting and/or important plant communities in each along with the characteristic native plants found there. We will be adding more information in the future and invite all CoNPS members to contribute to this effort. Additionally, all of the native plants are displayed in new lightbox galleries which display the photos in full screen-size with a black background. Information about each species is included with each photo.

Another fun feature is the ability to search our whole database of native plant photos for any particular plant, genus, or a variety of other plant characteristics such as tree, shrub, fern, native, introduced etc., to find photos you wish to see.

There are new sections that will include information on a wider range of Colorado native species, even some organisms that are not scientifically classified as plants:

Introduced (non-native) species
Bryophytes (mosses, liverworts, hornworts).
Lichens, Ferns, and Fungi.
• Photo galleries with information on specific groups of plants, such as orchids and Physaria.

Then, at the bottom of that page, we have a section that describes all our local herbaria, herbaria consortiums, CoNPS plant lists, CoNPS plant keys, and descriptions of native plant websites by CoNPS members.

We are excited about another new page on the website in the Aquilegia section “The Aquilegia Project” on the Aquilegia Magazine page. On this page we plan to revive articles from old black and white Aquilegia Magazine issues that are still of interest today and publish them with full color photographs.

The new “Colorado Landscapes” page contains a gallery of landscape photographs that we have collected from our CoNPS photographers. Each photo contains information about the location of the photo taken; a kind of celebration of our wonderful Colorado places. There is also a new feature whereby you can search our database of landscape photos by name, county, and other location information using photo-tags to sort exactly what you want to see.

Our new CoNPS blog, which Sue Dingwell started last spring, will receive prominent emphasis on the front page and a new format will make it easier to scroll through and see all the great articles she and others have written.

We hope you enjoy using our new CoNPS Website.  Please feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve the website or add new topics. 

Mo Ewing & Sue Dingwell