Maggie Gaddis Hired as First Executive Director of CoNPS

The CoNPS Board of Directors is extremely pleased to announce that Maggie Gaddis, the current President of the Southeast Chapter, has been hired as the Executive Director of the Colorado Native Plant Society.

Dr. Gaddis currently teaches biology, resource management, and conservation and sustainability courses at the University of Colorado–Colorado Springs. She is also a member of the Bard College Citizen Science faculty. Dr. Gaddis engages citizen scientists and students to develop monitoring programs that measure ecological-restoration projects in natural land settings where anthropogenic environmental degradation exists. She is also interested in the relationship between training design and the reliability of data collected by citizen scientists.

For fun, Dr. Gaddis volunteers as the CoNPS Southeast Chapter president, gardens with her family, recreates in public lands, and spends as many hours as possible on a paddleboard listening to audio books.

Our new executive director will start in September when she and the CoNPS Operating Committee will begin to plan the new future of our Society.