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The American Institute of Biological Sciences

The American Society of Plant Taxonomists promotes research and teaching of taxonomy, systematics, and phylogeny of vascular and nonvascular plants.

Botanic Gardens Conservation International

Botanical Electronic Information Sites

The Botanical Society of America promotes botany, studying and inquiring into the form, function, development, diversity, reproduction, evolution, and uses of plants and their interactions within the biosphere.  The objectives of The Society are to: sustain and provide improved formal and informal education about plants; encourage basic plant research; provide expertise, direction, and position statements concerning plants and ecosystems; and foster communication within the professional botanical community, and between botanists and the rest of humankind through publications, meetings, and committees.

Virtual Library of Botany

Natural History Electronic Journals, Newsletters,
and Monographic Series


NatureServe is a non-profit conservation organization that provides scientific information and tools needed to help guide effective conservation action. NatureServe and its network of natural heritage programs are the leading sources for information about rare and endangered species and threatened ecosystems.

New Scientist News

Plant Biology News

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Rocky Mountain Wild (formerly the Center for Native Ecosystems)

Science    Science News

Society for Ecological Restoration Reports

Southwest Farm Press