Our Society offers lots of ways to learn about and appreciate Colorado's native plants and habitats.

In the summer, each chapter runs field trips from the plains to the mountains, from March through October.

In the Winter the Society runs a series of workshops which cover topics from how to identify asters to how to build and maintain a rooftop garden.

Also in the winter, each chapter runs a series of evening chapter meetings, which are open to the public and cover many topics covering native plants and habitats as well a native plant gardening.

During the summer and fall we hold our annual meetings and festivals on the east and west slopes where presentations are made on a wide variety of subjects.

And finally on the tab called "Plants and Habitats" which covers a wide variety of subjects including:

A photo archive, and galleries of all of the 250 species of native plants shown on our website
Species lists of plants identified on Society field trips
Local, state and regional plant lists, native plant keys and databases

Uncompagre Canyon, Ouray Co.

Alpine Chiming Bells
(Mertensia alpina) G4S1

Alpine Anemone
(Anemone narcissiflora)

White Saddle Mushroom
(Helvella crispa)

Bush Morning Glory
(Ipomoea leptophylla)

Oil Shale Columbine
(Aquilegia barnebyi)