In this post, here are some tips on how to navigate our website.  Starting on the Home Page,

Any photo with text under or on it will take you to a new page.

Any block with this orange color will take you to a new page.

And, simarily, any text in an article with the same orange color will take you to another page.

Click on the green text block for Aquilegia Magazine, Landscapes or Photo Contest and you will take you to those pages.

There are some subjects in the Main Menu that do not appear in the subject blocs on the front page:

About Us: History, Board, Committees & Society Documents

Volunteer: Join Committees & Projects, Web Volunteer Training

Some pages have “Video Sliders” (see the Gardening With Native Plants Page).  Use the film strip at the bottom to scroll through the videos available.

Some pages use tabs to separate subject matter (see Plants & Habitats: Herbaria).  Click on the subject tab to view information on that topic.

Some pages use accordians (grey blocks with subjects printed on them) like on the Introduced Plants Page.  Click on the block to see the text

There are many photo galleries on the website.  By clicking on a photo, you can enter the lightbox which shows a full-size photo and information “i” about the photo.  There are instructions on how to use the Lightbox Mode above each photo mozaics.

Note: cellphones are too small to get full use of the lightbox mode with text, so the photo descriptions are provided outside of the lightbox.

Also, some information is provided in PDFs which are too small to read holding a cellphone vertically.  The PDFs can be read by turning your phone horizontally and expanding the size.

Our new search feature of Plants and Landscapes allows you to search by a wide variety of key words, noted in the directions above the search fields.  You can also search by using our Tags feature.  You can pull up all of our plant photos by entering “plants” in our “search our database of plant photos” field to pull up all of our plant photos, and then use the tags to filter to the plant types you want to see.

Use the same process for landscape photos by typing “landscapes” into the search field.

We hope you enjoy using our new CoNPS Website.  Please feel free to make suggestions on how we can improve the website or add new topics. 

Mo Ewing & Sue Dingwell