Apply to the Myrna Steinkamp Grant

The Myrna P. Steinkamp Memorial Fund of the Colorado Native Plant Society supports research on the biology of Colorado rare native plants. Grant awards are generally $1,000 or less. The Society’s funding may represent the sole support of a project, may be part of joint funding agreed upon with other granting organizations, or may be used to supplement other funding obtained independently.

All applicants to the Steinkamp Fund must observe the following guidelines:

Proposals should not be submitted on paper; they should only be submitted in Word or PDF format by e-mail.

Stephen R. Stern –

1. Grant applicants and advisors of student applicants must be members of the Society.

2. Research, both in the field and laboratory, must contribute to the knowledge and/or conservation of Colorado’s rare plants.

3. Applicants must provide a cover letter by email (see the bottom of this page for email address) that identifies the title of the project, why the project is important, and the names of investigator(s) and their qualifications. The letter should include the applicants’ mailing addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and should indicate where they may be contacted once their research has been completed.

4. Applicants must submit a concise but detailed proposal by email (see the bottom of this page for email address).  The proposal can be no more than two typed pages, single-spaced, Times-derivative font, size 12, one inch margins.  Literature citations should be included but do not count toward the two page limit. The proposal should address the following questions:

a. What is the purpose of the proposed research and what product(s) will be produced?
b. Where and how will this research be conducted (study site, study design and methods)?
c. How will this research enhance human understanding and appreciation of Colorado’s rare plants?
d. How will the results of this research contribute to the conservation and management  of Colorado’s rare native flora?
e. Does this research fulfill any priority needs by the Society, the Colorado Natural Heritage Program, the Colorado Natural Areas Program, or other similar organizations?

5. Applicants must also submit a one-page outline that details the investigator’s work schedule, budget, and cooperators.

6. Students must submit a letter from their sponsor or faculty advisor authorizing and supporting the work.   They do not have to be included in the one PDF but may be be sent separately to me at .

7. Funds may be used to cover project costs such as travel, lodging, supplies, expendable equipment, etc., but not for wages, overhead expenses, or durable supplies.

8. Mailing address, phone number, and e-mail address must be included and applicants should indicate where they may be contacted once their research has been completed.

9.Proposals must be received by email by February 15.  All proposals will be reviewed by selected members of the Society’s Board of Directors and evaluated on the basis of quality and budget considerations. Proposals that most directly advance the mission of the Society (to promote appreciation and conservation of Colorado’s native flora) will be favored. Applicants will be notified by mail of the Society’s decision by April 1.

10. As a condition of the award, all recipients are required to provide a well-written summary (1,000-2,000 words) of their research activities supported by the Steinkamp Fund for later publication in an issue of Aquilegia and on the Society’s web site. Photographs of the plants being researched and photographs of the award recipient conducting research would also be appreciated.   Award recipients are highly encouraged to present the results of their research in poster or presentation format at the CoNPS Annual Meeting in September and/or at a chapter meeting.

For additional information, please contact Stephen R. Stern at .

Proposals should not be submitted on paper; they should be submitted as one pdf or Word document saved as the investigator’s last name, and sent by e-mail to Stephen R. Stern –