General Board Meeting of the Colorado Native Plant Society
Sunday, February 26, 4:00-5:00pm
DRAFT Minutes
To dos
Board motions
For next meeting
Present: Amy Yarger, Maggie Gaddis, Alex Smith, Alex Crochet, Maggie Gaddis, Kelly Ambler, Barb Valenti, Pat Butler, Kathy, Anne Beard, Jim Pisarowicz, Mo Ewing, Kelly Kirk

1. Welcome (Ann) – Ann Grant called the meeting to order at 4:03 pm.

2. Letter from Media committee – increased circulation of Aquilegia (Kelly): Proposal for increased distribution of Aquilegi

a. $1000/ year would pay for 30 copies of Aquilegia (4x/ year)
b. Looking for suggestions about good targets, such as university/ departmental libraries

i. Boulder Public Library interested!
ii. Fort Collins Library not taking magazines of any kind
iii. CSU SPUR campus library would be a good target; Alex Smith spoke to a contact there and will share that info with Kelly
iv. Board will vote during the executive session

3. Welcome David Rudin, new Program Assistant (Maggie)

a. Lifelong experience in environmental education
b. A wonderful addition to the team!
c. Will be lead on Restoration Committee and helping plan the annual meeting with the San Luis Chapter

4. 2022 Webinar/ Field Seminar stats (Kathy): 2022 CoNPS Webinar & Field Seminar Report

a. Webinars have expanded reach to 24 states
b. 15 webinars and field seminars in 2022 – 733 participants
c. Evaluations were all positive
d. Gross revenue of $19685 in 2022
e. Thanks to all the speakers!

5. Board Discussion – Strategic Plan check-in (Maggie): CoNPS Strategic Plan 2020-2025; available on the website

a. Process review: access to a member poll, polled the board about priorities; goals based entirely on CoNPS mission
b. We will review 1 goal from the strategic plan each meeting, then have a special board session during the annual conference to review
c. Mo suggested that committees can review, and reflect on strategic plan and communicate progress on goals that pertain to them; ensure that activities are aligned with goals
d. Committee chairs will review Goal #1: Support growth of new scientific knowledge and at next meeting report how their committees are supporting the goal; Alex is happy to help Ann and others to devise a way to review and present the goals in the strategic plan
e. Goal #4 is specific to board and can be addressed in a separate session

6. Program scope for 2023 (Maggie): CoNPS Program Scope 2023

a. Programs aligned with strategic plan goals
b. 2023 scope is already more sustainable for staff
c. Sustainable High Altitude Gardening Series date – TBD, probably next 2 weeks
d. Update re: CoNPS/CNHP rare plant monitoring expected this week

7. Chapter and committee updates

a. Northern Chapter – convening a field trip committee to organize more trips in 2023
b. Plateau Chapter has field trips and events planned this year, such as an overnight trip to Potholes campground, Indian Museum ethnobotany garden tour/ trip to Montrose Botanic Gardens, Buckhorn Lake field trip, program with Weehawken Creative Arts Program – all in latest Aquilegia
c. Boulder Chapter – interested in making recorded talks available statewide; Pat will get Maggie recording file for conversion. Boulder will be meeting in a month to plan field trips; chapter meeting on Wednesday about American pikas, also a talk about soils in April

i. CoNPS YouTube playlist:

d. Denver Metro Chapter – focusing on speaker series, also planning field trips; discussions about standards for speaker honoraria and tracking volunteer hours
e. San Luis Valley Chapter – working on annual meeting planning
f. Southwest Chapter- now has team model for leadership
g. Southeast Chapter – meetings have been planned through May, and 10 field trips

Meeting adjourned at 5:10 pm