Present: Deryn Davidson, Jim Pisarowicz, Gwen Kittel, Bayard Ewing, Amy Yarger Anna Wilson, Alex
Crochet, Maggie Gaddis, Ann Grant, Rahman Minhas, Pat Butler and David Varner

The purpose of this meeting was to authorize Ann Beard and Maggie Gaddis to be signatories on our Colorado Native Plant Society bank accounts.

Bayard Ewing made a motion to the board as follows: “I move that the CoNPS Board of Directors authorize the addition of Maggie Gaddis and Ann Beard’s access to, and signatory authority over our CoNPS USBank Account, Vanguard Fund Account, PayPal bank account and Square bank account.  Bayard Ewing currently has, and will continue to have signatory authority on these accounts.

The board verified that a majority of members were present and the board voted 15 in favor of the motion and zero opposed.

Note: Deryn Davidson holds two votes as a member of the Operating Committee and member of the board; and Anne Grant holds two votes as the Northern Chapter president and member of the Operating Committee.

With no other business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,

Bayard Ewing