Colorado Native Plant Society

January 28, 2023 E-news Edition

Photo Credit: Tom Lebsack, 2021 CoNPS Photo Contest, 1st Place, Garden Category, “Senecio fremontii var. blitoides.

Upcoming Webinar:

Gardening with Native Plants Series

Habitat Gardening and Native Plants for Year-Round Interest

Saturday, February 11, 2023; 9:30 am – 12:00 noon

Presenter: Irene Shonle, PhD

Want to bring beauty to your garden while making a difference for our native pollinators and birds, right in your own yard? Then, this webinar might be for you! It’s designed for beginner and intermediate gardeners or anyone who wants to create an oasis for pollinators and other wildlife while bringing more color and beauty into the world.

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CoNPS Mission Grant Deadline

February 1st

The next CoNPS Mission Grant Deadline is February 1st, 2023! Mission Grants support projects that contribute to the knowledge, appreciation, and conservation of native plants and habitats in Colorado.


We especially encourage Mission Grant projects to have an education and outreach component. Our most recent award (typical range of $500 to $1000) supported creation of a native plant garden with educational signage in downtown Golden.

Click here to learn more about the Mission Grant and download the application

Northern Chapter Mtg: Curious Stories of Plants of the Front Range

Title: Curious Stories of Plants of the Front Range

Speaker: Kathleen Keeler, aka A Wandering Botanist

Date and Time: Tuesday, February 7, 2023, 6:45 to 8:30 pm

Curious Stories of Plants of the Front Range: Our plants are not just pretty faces, some have world-famous pollination systems, others have adaptations that don’t seem adaptive, some are potentially immortal. The talk shares some of these stories.


Everyone is invited, regardless of chapter affiliation.


Northern Chapter is recruiting members to the leadership team. Please send inquires to odygrant@gmail.com

Register here for the Northern Chapter Mtg

Metro-Denver Chapter Mtg:

Building Ecological Resilience in Grasslands

Metro-Denver February Chapter Meeting

Thursday, February 9, 6:30pm-8:30pm

Virtual/In-person at The Alliance Center

Presented by Chris Helzer (Chris will be presenting remotely)


Grasslands are tough and resilient ecosystems, but that resilience relies upon several important factors. Ecological resilience is also strongly tied to humans, and has been for tens of thousands of years. So what’s our role? How do we work with grasslands to maintain the species diversity and habitat heterogeneity they rely upon to survive and adapt to changing conditions? There’s a lot of hope for grasslands and the species that rely on them (including ours), but it will take a concerted and thoughtful effort for us to ensure that future.


Everyone is invited, regardless of chapter affiliation.

Register here for Metro-Denver mtg

Book Review: Yes, You Can Prairie Up!

You’ve been yearning to design a garden, yard, or meadow space but can’t seem to get a grip on which plants to include or how to design the site. Or maybe you’re in the middle of planning one of those spaces but myriad choices have you frozen with indecision. Help has arrived! A new book, Prairie Up: An Introduction to Natural Garden Design by Benjamin Vogt, brings the process into clear focus, explaining exactly how to approach site analysis, plant selection, and design elements, with prose that is not only easy to understand but also a pleasure to read.

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