Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers Mobile App

The 5 star app, “Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers”, was designed by CoNPS life member, Al Schneider, to present 600 Colorado species in several thousand photos. A fun to use characteristics plant identification key, detailed descriptive and cultural information, interesting tidbits, range maps, cross-references, and much more add to this app for tablets and phones, Apple and Android.

Al designed the app to show the most abundant and visible plants from the foothills to the alpine. and also those less common ones found in unusual habitats, such as, wetlands, ponds, and rocky slopes. Species represent 85 families, 200 genera, and the East Slope and West slope.The vast majority of the plants shown are found through the Rockies of Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico. The app is intended for nature lovers of all kinds, amateurs and professionals who love details, those who are casual observers, and those who want lovely photographs and information to enjoy on the comfort of their couch.

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High Country Apps and Al have designated CoNPS as their
“conservation partner”, and 5% of worldwide sales of the
“Colorado Rocky Mountain Wildflowers”
will go to CoNPS.