Category: Native Plant Photo Galleries

This is the location of all of the photo galleries for native plants which are located on the “Plants and Habitats” page. Each photo gallery is on an individual post.

Flora of Charles Parry

Charles Christopher Parry, 1823-1890, was a highly respected doctor, explorer, and naturalist; a member of the Mexican Boundary Survey (1849-1852); the first botanist in the United States Department of Agriculture (1869-1871); and an acclaimed botanical collector and taxonomist in the mid-west, Colorado, and other western states Department of Agriculture (1869-1871); and an acclaimed botanical collector Read More …

Orchids of Colorado

Orchids of Colorado Photos by Scott Smith North American Native Orchid Jounnal, Volume 13 (3) 2007 The Native Orchids of Colorado A Botanical Adventure of an Amateur Scott F. Smith For best effect click on the image, choose “i” and expand to the whole screen. Press “ESC” to return to this page.

Colorado Botrychium

Colorado Botrychium Photos by Scott Smith Text by Scott Smith and Al Schneider Botrychiums, by some considered members of their own family, Botrychiaceae, are by the Flora of North America experts Warren and Florence Wagner, placed in Ophioglossaceae (the Adder’s Tongue Family) . Further, plants that the Wagners recognize as Botrychium are by some experts Read More …