June 26, Fri. – June 28, Sun. 2015

Leader: Steve Olson, USFS Botanist

If you would like to help with the bioblitz, contact Steve Olson at leadersteve01@gmail.com.

We are just getting started with plans for a bioblitz for this year.  The winner is the Huerfano County portion on the Wet Mountains.  CNHP will be working on a county-wide survey this year in Huerfano, and we thought that doing the San Isabel National Forest part of the county would be a good addition to that effort.  The current thinking is to start noonish on Friday June 26th and go through noonish on the 28th.

The Wet Mountains don’t seem to be that well known, because there are no 14er’s to draw a crowd.  There is a good variety of habitats, from montane forests to alpine and some interesting wetlands.  There are large montane meadows, as well.  The area is mostly along the ridge at around 11,000 feet and on the southern slopes of the Wets.  The top of Greenhorn Mountain and North Peak are into the alpine (above 12,000 feet).  Also fair game for the effort is the Black Mountain part of the Wets with old pinyon-juniper woodlands and meadows.  There are good views of the Sangres across the Wet Mountain Valley, for those interested in the scenery.  Being a bit out of town, this will be a camping-based effort.  Know anyone else who may be interested?