Annual Conference Committee

The Annual Conference Committee plans the CoNPS Annual Conference with input from the chapter that is helping to coordinate it that year. Members and volunteers are also needed to help at the conference staffing tables, working projectors and computers, helping coordinate food, coordinate field trips, introduce speakers, and staff the registration table, silent auction, etc. The committee is a mix of permanent members and temporary volunteers. The temporary volunteers are from the chapter responsible for that year’s conference. The Conferences usually alternate between East slope and West slope locations.

Chair: Vacant (Jan L Turner is temporary chair – JLTurner at regis dot edu

Do you enjoy working with other people, being creative, or planning an event? We need people for a variety of duties. We meet by email, in person, and by phone. Members can live anywhere.  There are many ways to serve on the committee.

Colorado Trail, La Plata Mountain, Chaffee Co. [credit]

Schedule for Annual Conferences

2016 Annual Conference – McAllister Building, University of Colorado, Boulder CO
Theme: Colorado Native Plant Society: 40 Years of Change, 1976-2016

2017 Annual Meeting. East Slope. TBA


  • Need Chairperson to coordinate future conferences working with committee members

  • Find venue for the Conference and Rare Plant Symposium at a reasonable rate

  • Find nearby motels and, if possible, arrange for group rates

  • Find sponsors to help fund the meeting
  • Find speakers, keep them informed and updated, get their information to Aquilegia editor for Annual Conference issue
  • Arrange for maps/lists of venue, nearby restaurants, nearby motels, etc.
  • Help arrange carpooling, find guest rooms for members in need
  • Help arrange snacks and drinks
  • Help arrange social
  • Help arrange food for Annual Conference
  • Coordinate handouts
  • Arrange poster sessions
  • Arrange paid tables

Committee Members

Jan L. Turner (temporary chair)
Bethanne Bane
Kathy Brown
Jennifer Bousselot
Carol English
Katherine Kleier
Lexine Long
Patrick Murphy
Lenore Mitchell
Cecily Mui
Steve Olson
Don Parker
Irene Shonle
Jessica Smith
Linda Smith
Tom Schweich
Charles Turner
Jannette Wesley
Denise Wilson

Aspen Bolete (Leccinum insigne)

Red Columbine
(Aquilegia elegantula)

Golden Sedge (Carex aurea)

Degener’s Penstemon
(Penstemon degeneri) (G2S2)

Nuttall's Violet (Viola nuttallii)