Colorado Native Plant Society Privacy Policy

Adopted by Board on February 21, 2009

1) The Colorado Native Plant Society should safeguard information that it has about its members.

A) Directors and committee members and others doing work for the Board should avoid using public and workplace computers for CoNPS business, but if it is necessary or most convenient to use such computers, every effect should be made to secure the information.

B) Lists of Society members are only to be distributed to Directors, committee chairs, the Administrative Assistant, and others acting on behalf of the Board.

2) The Colorado Native Plant Society shall use CoNPS member information responsibly and sensitively and only for the stated purposes of the Society.

A) Mailings to members from the CoNPS Board, Committee Chairs, or others representing the Society should be about CoNPS activities or other activities and information that may be of interest to the members.

B) Member information shall not be used to promote a private business.

3) Information about members shall not be given to third parties.

A) Personal information (such as, address, phone number, email address) about a member is not to be made available to other CoNPS members unless authorized by the individual member. Society members may choose to make information about themselves available to other members for the purpose of such things as carpooling and sharing plant lists. Mass emailing made to Society members, for instance, shall be sent as “Blind Copies” (“BCC”). Board members, for another instance, may grant permission for their email address to be made available on the web and on mass emailing.

4) The Colorado Native Plant Society should collect and store only that information voluntarily provided and/or authorized by each member. This information, including contact information, photographs, and information about attendance at meetings, field trips, and workshops should be kept only for the needed period of time, as determined by the Board.