Address: P.O. Box 200, Ft. Collins, CO 80522    
Telephone: (970) 663-4085


President: Vacant
Vice President: Vacant
Treasurer: Mo Ewing
Secretary: Denise Wilson

Operations Committee

Because both the President and Vice President positions are currently vacant, the board has authorized a small, operations committee to run the affairs of the Society.  Its members are:

Mo Ewing
Renee Galeano-Popp
David Julie
Jessica Smith
Denise Wilson
Amy Yarger

Board Members-At-Large (Directors)

Cecily Mui
Jenny Neale
Steve Olson
Robert Powell
Jessica Smith
Jan Turner
Amy Yarger

Chapter Presidents

Boulder Chapter: Erica Cooper
Metro Denver Chapter: Lenore Mitchell
Northern Chapter: Renee Galeano-Popp
Plateau Chapter: Stephen Stern
Southeast Chapter: Rich Rhodes
Southwest Chapter:  John Bregar


Committee Chairs

Conservation Committee: Mo Ewing
Education/Outreach Committee: David Julie
Field Studies Committee: Steve Popovich
Horticulture Committee: Vacant
Media Committee: Jan Turner
Research Grants Committee: Stephen Stern
Restoration Committee:  Sara Copp Franz
Scholarship Committee - Cecily Mui


Never Summer Mountains, Jackson Co, CO

Email Linda Smith, CoNPS Administrative Coordinator
to request contact information at
She will forward your message to the appropriate person.

Administrative Coordinator

Linda Smith

Marketing & Events Coordinator

Jennifer Bousselot

Workshop Coordinator

Ronda Koski

Facebook Page Coordinator

Carol English

Twitter Coordinator

Sally White

Web Page Coordinator

Mo Ewing

Claret Cup Cactus
(Echinocereus triglochidatus)

Nuttal's Violet
(Viola nuttallii)

Silverleaf Nightshade
(Solanum elaeagnifolium)

Spotted Saxifrage
(Ciliaria austomontana)

Showy Milkweed (Asclepias speciosa)