Join us, work with us, enjoy the flora of Colorado with us.

The Colorado Native Plant Society works to encourage the appreciation and conservation of the native plants and ecosystems of Colorado. The Society identifies habitat, ecosystems, and threatened or endangered plants; acquires land; participates in governmental and educational programs; encourages the State of Colorado to enter into cooperative agreements with the United States concerning threatened or endangered plants; and cooperates with other organizations with similar purposes.

We are open to everyone -- professionals and amateurs, experienced botanists and beginners -- all who are interested in the flora of Colorado.  Come join us as we work, study, and enjoy the flora of Colorado.

Mt. Princeton, Chaffee County

The Society and its regional chapters host an annual meeting and sponsor dozens of field trips, chapter meetings and specialized workshops with speakers who are experts in their field.  The Society also maintains a bookstore on the flora of Colorado (with significant discounts available to members) provides research grants, publishes the newsletter Aquilegia for members, and much more.

Please visit Chapters and Activities that you are interested in and join us in protecting and enjoying the native plants of Colorado.

You may affiliate with any Colorado Native Plant Society chapter; part of your membership fee goes to.

that chapter to support its activities.  Members may attend all functions of all chapters. 

If you decide to join CONPS or renew your membership via mail, click on the appropriate button above and mail it to:

Linda Smith
Administrative Coordinator
P.O. Box 200
Fort Collins, CO 80522

Rocky Mountain Zinnia
(Zinnia grandiflora)

White-mouth Dayflower
(Commelina erecta)

Subalpine Larkspur
(Delphinium barbeyi)

Parry’s Primrose (Primula parry)

(Rydbergia grandiflora)