Other Areas: How to set up a new chapter.

If you do not have a CoNPS chapter in your area, you may create one; and it isn't even very difficult.  All you need to do is to pull together ten friends who will form the chapter.  You then send a letter to the CoNPS president listing your 10 member which goes to the board for approval.  You then designate one person to be your "president" and that person becomes your representative at quarterly board meetings.  The president can attend the meeting in person on on our telephone hook-up.

Once your chapter is set up you are required to have at least one meeting a year and you must organize at least three field trips per year.  In order to fulfill our goal of educating the public about native plants, your meeting(s) must be open to the public.  Give it a try!

Details on chapters are located in Article IV of CoNPS Bylaws.

Flat tops Wilderness, White River National Forest, Routt Co.
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One-flowered Pyrola (Monesis uniflora)

Alpine Aster (Aster alpinus) (G5T5 S1)

Colorado Four O’Clock
(Mirabilis multiflora)

Rothrock Townsend Daisy
(Townsendia rothrockii)

Common Hairbell
(Campanula rotundifolia)