Northern Chapter

The Northern Chapter includes members from Loveland, Laramie, Red Feather Lakes, Greeley, Longmont, Estes Park, and more. We hope that wherever you are in north central and north eastern Colorado, you will join us for our free programs and field trips!

The Northern Chapter Monthly Meetings are usually scheduled for October through April, and Native Plant Hikes / Field Trips are scheduled throughout the months of May through September. Our meeting place is in the new Colorado State University Horticulture Center, located at 1707 Center Ave., Fort Collins (North of the Gardens on Spring Creek and south of Prospect Road).

Two  monthly Field Trips are on the weekend and take up most of the day. The third is a local early evening hike in the Loveland/Fort Collins area. Use the contact information in the hike description if you have questions.

 TO ATTEND A FIELD TRIP: You must register online at!calendar. Extreme weather or other circumstances may force a cancellation of this field trip. We must have contact information for you.

Hugh Mackay is the Chapter Field Trip Coordinator ( Field trips have a Leader and a Trip Host listed for each event. Please e-mail, text, or call the Trip Host to let them know whether you plan to car pool with us.

Some Field Trips are oriented to botanizing and keying in the field. These will vary in length depending on the group. Some Field Trips are oriented toward hiking to see an area or to arrive at a certain destination. Other Field Trips may be project oriented such as our Elkhorn Weed Mitigation Project or various horticultural partnerships.

All participants need to bring lunch, snacks and water on our outings. Participants must also be physically able to meet the rigors of the trip. If you are not physically able, it can detract from the trip experience of others.

For questions about field trips or monthly meetings, contact Acting Chapter President Hugh Mackay at .  

Members and non-members are welcome.

Glacier Lily (Erythronium grandiflorum)
[photo credit]

Shooting Star
(Dodecatheon pulchellum)

Colorado Columbine
(Aquilegia coerulea)

Spotted Corralroot
(Corallorhiza maculata)
[photo credit]

Debris Milkvetch
(Astragalus detritalis) (G3S2)