The Metro-Denver Chapter welcomes everyone, members and non-members, to attend its free programs and field trips.  

MEETINGS: All are held at Denver Botanic Gardens, 1007 York Street, Denver. 6:30-9:30pm in the Plant Society Building, generally the 2nd Tuesday of each month, however day and date might change due to DBG scheduling. Meetings are free, and guests are welcome. Restrooms available.

DIRECTIONS: Park in the multi level free garage, cross the street and enter the gardens through the small iron gate north (to your right) of the entrance building; then walk straight west past the main conservatory and attached glass greenhouses. At the end of the greenhouses, turn north (right) and go through a large iron gate to the Plant Soc Bldg on your left.

WINTER SUGGESTIONS: While concrete sidewalk leading to the Plant Soc Bldg will be cleared of snow and ice by DBG, it is somewhat dim, so bring a flashlight and travel in groups (carpools are good!) Also wear warm clothing and appropriate boots/shoes since walk is rather long (about one city block).


November 1, 2017, WEDNESDAY:  "Extreme Rich Fens" by Carol English, Field Research Botanist

December 12, 2017, Tuesday:    Titled slide show of selected Colorado flora from spring onward, and from varying altitudes and locations (photos by Lenore Mitchell). AND HOLIDAY PARTY with door prizes and refreshments. Come meet your fellow plant enthusiasts!

2018 Schedule will be posted soon.  For further information, contact Lenore Mitchell, Metro Chapter President or


We welcome everyone, from professional botanists and horticulturists to amateurs. If you're new to Colorado or just learning about our wonderful flora, please don't be intimidated by sometimes complex terminology. CoNPS offers many opportunities to learn more about botany and plant identification. Our goal is to appeal to everyone through various learning opportunities at meetings as well as through classroom workshops and seasonal field trips geared to various levels of expertise.

Suggestions for those new to botany and plant identification:

WEBSITES:  start with THIS site for info on native plants, including native gardens:                                     

USDA Plants Database - You can enter a plant name, either Scientific or Common Name into Google                   search and this generally takes you to USDA Database and shows plant photo and info.
www. easterncoloradowildflowers   - Ernie Marx wonderful site  - Southwest Flora/excellent & searchable - from Al Schneider  -  CSU Extension for planting fact sheets, . Metro to mountains Native Plant Master
                        Jeffco is the main site for NPM classes offered spring to fall; most are
                        field based courses; also one-day classes and some classroom sessions
                        All programs geared to novice level; can take 3 courses (12 hr each) for
                        Native Plant Master Certificate -  -  for both main Denver location and Chatfield Farm  - Colorado Weed Management Assoc (ID weeds & invasives)  -  about biodiversity (also see book listing)  - enormous ID site  - insect conservation; from bees to beetles

            - High Country Apps (Colorado Wildflowers) excellent, searchable and free updates                                        includes approx 600 species, no grasses  approx $10.   can download onto device
              so no wifi needed - can use in the field

(these and many more available through CoNPS website)
            Meet the Natives by Dan Johnson/DBG  (DBG plans new book late 2018)
            Trees & Shrubs of Colorado by Jack Carter
            Bringing Nature Home by entomologist Douglas Tallamy (Univ of Delaware)
            Rocky Mtn Flower Finder  & Alpine Flower Finder by J Wingate & L Yeatts
                        excellent pocket sized simple illustrated keys
            Botany In a Day by Thomas Elpel (patterns of plant families - illustrated)
                        refers to all of North America; interesting and helpful
            Flora of Colorado by Jennifer Ackerfield - complete keys for advanced amateurs & pros
                        includes latest APG info based on DNA research info
            Colorado Flora Eastern Slope by W Weber & R Wittmann 4th Edition
                        (for advanced keying; for advanced amateurs & pros) refers to recently changed
                        plant families but concentrates on older info : Excellent introduction - pages xxxx
                         & xl list basic characteristics of the major families and this is worth the price!        

TIP: Although Colorado has approximately 3000 different species of native and alien plants belonging to over 150 families - before you start feeling overwhelmed, concentrate on learning the major families since 75% of taxa (plant species) fall into major families. Everyone knows the sunflower family (Asteraceae) for instance, so build on what you know and most important of all: HAVE FUN!                                                                                                                                


Summer Storm, Pawnee National Grasslands, Weld County
Snow Willow (Salix nivalis)
Grand Junction Milkvetch
(Astragalus linifolius) (G3S3)

Tall Bishop's Cap
(Mitella stauropetala)
(Ericameria nauseosa)